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PvE map revision 10 started November 5, 2012. It features modified terrain past 1000 blocks from spawn and, of course, a host of new features added by Minecraft 1.4.2.



4000x4000 blocks, terrain becomes crazy past 1000 blocks from spawn.

Drop plumping

Due to an excessive number of passive mobs in personal farms, all drops from shearing or killing passive mobs are plumped in an effort to combat lag.[1]

End of Rev PAvE

In the early evening of Monday, March 11, the r10 map was saved for posterity. Then, players had Monday night and all of Tuesday to try out a new gamemode dubbed "Passive-Aggressive vs Environment" before Minecraft 1.5 was released. The map, running under chaos rules, was reset several times to allow for maximum destruction. A backup of the final state post-chaos will join the pre-chaos rev10 backup once they are uploaded.


The official cartograph is available at http://redditpublic.com/carto/pve/p10/carto/ .

Notable creations

Many (but not all) PvE players like to work together on large collaborative projects, often taking the form of cities and towns. Some cities are reincarnations from previous revisions; others are brand-new. Many have their own subreddits as well to aid collaboration.

If your settlement is missing, add it! (Click the e in the upper-left.)



Most cities have rail stations (complete with CARTS computers), featuring direct underground links to other cities and to spawn.

Please add the coordinates for the Nether/End portals as you find them!

Nether portals

The Nether can be accessed from spawn's portal - Follow the scenic route down from spawn! There are additional pre-built portals at the coordinates below. Players cannot create their own portals.

Portal Overworld coords Nether coords Notes
Spawn  ? (7,7)
North-west (-1200, -1200) (-150,-160) Port Aperture
South-west (-1200, +1200) (-149, 149) Seneca
South-east (+1200, +1200) Pico
North-east (+1200, -1200) (135, -155) Brom/Argoth
Secret portal 1 (-240,-1700) (-35,-200) Necropolis
Secret portal 2  ? (-3, 189)
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