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A small overview of the map and some of its major cities. Scroll to the bottom of the page for larger maps with more settlements labelled!

The 6th revision of the Reddit PvE server featured a large number of settlements -- some big, some small, many awesome, showcasing the creativity and building skills of many different users.

Here is a cinematic tour of the server on the last day of revision 6, created by Castelnau:



A short list of notable settlements is located here.

Below is an index of all settlements:

Gallery of Maps

The full, huge version of the map is so big the wiki software barfs trying to render its thumbnail. Rawr.

Here's the actual image and here's its wiki page. It's 6000x6000; one pixel = one block.

The blank version (created by c45y; same wiki thumbnail issue) is available here (actual image) and here (wiki page).

Please add additional maps!

Technical Notes

The three "atlas" maps were generated by bencvt's Python script, which scrapes this wiki page, then adds labels onto a blank map. The source is available here. If the maps are out of date, feel free to run the script yourself and upload the results!

The current blank map was generated by c45y [1]; older versions used 31stCenturyMatt's custom Minecraft addon (source available here; also check his post to the subreddit).


PvE Rail Map discussion at Reddit

Rail map by Definitive Prize Rail map by Klibbnisse Rail map by castelnau

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