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Most recent revision
Main Gate, view from inside the mountain
Server PvE
Map revision 21
Coordinates -3513, 2982


Rev 21

Following MrCrispy suggestion, Pico went for a Dwarven theme during Revision 21. They built not only a magnificent city of miners, but also an entire mountain to accommodate it.

Rev 20

The Portal Building
Server PvE
Map revision 20
Coordinates -2200, 2200

During Revision 20, Pico went for an Egyptian theme to better integrate schererererer's Überproject.

Rev 19

Town Hall at sunset, built by kumquatmay and 32ndFlava
Server PvE
Map revision 19
Coordinates 180, 1550

Pico went Medieval during Revision 19.

Schererererer Manor was nominated to the PvE Awards Best Showboating category.

Rev 18

Aerial view from the sea
Server PvE
Map revision 18
Coordinates -1910, -1722

Pico and Brom built both together and established their cities next to each other during Revision 18. The theme followed was Asian architecture, from Mughal to Chinese styles.

Rev 17

Aerial view
Server PvE
Map revision 17
Coordinates -1910, -1722
Residents kandoko, jattell, TECP, Norami, 32ndFlava, kumquatmay, totemo, thrawn21, Pipersdad, DarkJesusmn, darkniteusa, _casey_, Uncle_BadTouch, piperboise, ijustinhk, tc_chris, hatertots, jllmprrtzzubnik

During Revision 17, Pico was inspired by Southern European architecture, particularly from Venice, Italy.

Rev 16

Danker After Dark
Server PvE
Map revision 16
Coordinates 260, 1700

This rev, Pico's theme was Atlantis and a building code was implemented to ensure that all structures were visually harmonious. The palette consisted of cool, aquatic shades. Acacia logs were allowed, but the orange sides of the logs could be hidden. The use of other materials in places that were visible from a road or the town hall was strongly discouraged. In addition to the city's palette, there were height restrictions between the town hall ring road and the half-way road (plots NE1-4 and NW1-4), where builds should keep a height below 16 blocks. In the far plots (FNE1-4 and FNW1-4), members were free to build taller, but no taller than 3/4 of the height of the town hall, unless approved by a mayor.

Rev 15

Server PvE
Map revision 15
Coordinates 2100, 700
Mayors Emizzon

Emizzon decided to give it another try as a mayor of Pico. During this Revision, Pico became a hyper connected skyscraper city creating a retro futuristic look in the process. All public builds were connected with each other through above ground rail lines. In addition to that, everyone had the opportunity to hook up their personal builds onto the network to allow people to easily go from their personal skyscraper to the central station.

Rev 13

32ndFlava stepped down as a Mayor of Pico to the status of citizen.

  • Mayors: Thrawn, Norami, TC_Chris, and Kandoko

Rev 11

2018-03-29 18.14.04.png
Aerial view
Server PvE
Map revision 11
Coordinates -1500, -1800
Mayors thrawn21, spacepirate1941, norami, tc_chris, Emizzon, 32ndFlava

During Revision 11, Pico serpentined around and inside a complex system of caves and floating islands, all connected between thanks to an extensive roads and rails network.

See Pico (r11) for more.

Rev 10

Server PvE
Map revision 10
Coordinates 1500, 1500
Mayors thrawn21, norami, tc_chris and Spacepirate1941

Again at the SE portal at 1200,1200. Pico is a large city based at the southeast portal. It will consist of many different districts. Pico main city has a hexagon based layout around the nether portal and will become a skyscraper landscape in the near future. Currently the roads are being built and decorated.

Broadly speaking, pico has two different types of areas:


Pico Portal is the central area around the nether portal. It will become the Cities skyscraper district.

Residental Districts

There are many residential districts planned.

  • Skylands Jungle
  • Minas Tirith
See Pico (r10) for more.

Rev 9

View across the city
Server PvE
Map revision 9
Coordinates 1500, 1500
Mayors thrawn21, norami, tc_chris and Spacepirate1941

Located at the SE portal at 1500,1500, Pico started as a square city this revision and later had an expansion in the southern area. The idea was to have a community-built center station with the core of the town a village reminiscent of the NPC village roots. Surrounding that would be an outer ring of skyscrapers with greenery in between for event builds.

This was the rev where Norami led glorious player 32ndFlava into Pico for the first time and invited him to join.

See Pico (r9) for more.

Rev 8

  • Mayors: thrawn21 and Spacepirate1941
  • Coordinates: 1400, 2400

Just before Rev 8 started, Pico launched their very own subreddit. Skyscrapers dominated the landscape.

See Pico (r8) for more.

Rev 7

Server PvE
Map revision 7
Coordinates -1600, 2150
Started February 19, 2012
Mayors thrawn21 and Spacepirate1941

This revision was based in the desert next to a NPC village. Base camp, which later became femto district, was set up around a nether portal and Pico proper was build on the other side of a small sea.

Downtown Pico

Downtown Pico was constructed as a large circle, with four cardinal roads leading from the center of the city. Two inner rings serve as additional roads that link the cardinal roads together. Downtown held 24 plots- the central plots were home to public buildings, such as the Storage Tower, the Public Farm, and the center rail station. Other notable buildings include Zot News Tower (Zotshot), the public sheep farm (31stCenturyMatt), and a sandstone apartment complex (Spacepirate1941).

Outer Districts

In addition to the central downtown circle, Pico consists of more loose outer districts that surround downtown. Among these were:

  • Residential District:

Located on the west cliff, where people were able to build smaller, humbler homes just outside of the bustling city center.

  • Spaceport:

Situated to the Northeast of the city, this expanse was home to a 1-to-1 scale of the Millenium Falcon, built by Spacepirate1941.

  • Skynet2029's Island:

Small Island east between the Nether portal and Pico Proper, by Skynet2029. The island included a shopping mall with stores (floors B1 and B2), food court (B4), movie theater (B3) and a small public park (B6). Transit Station is at (B5) with connections to Pico Main Rail station and many of the local stations. Mostly entertainment/tourist oriented.

  • Femto:

Located across the sea next to the Netherportal. This area contained the Pico Spleef arena, home to the Pico Ninjas, and featured mansion style houses after a redevelopment from the basecamp. These builds had too large a foot print for residential pico and were too short for downtown pico.

See Pico (r7) for more.

Rev 6

2011-12-06 05.50.11.png
More skyscrapers rise above the landscape
Server PvE
Map revision 6
Coordinates 0, -1500
Started Day 1 of Rev. 6
Mayors thrawn21 and Spacepirate1941

Pico was located to the sun north at 0, -1500. By coordinates, it was the East Hub and was connected to the rest of the map by multiple rail systems. Pico was designed to evoke the dense cluster of tall towers that is the hallmark of many real world cities, and was a perfect local for any minecrafter with the itch to build a skyscraper. However, there were also two residential blocks for those who wish to live in the heart of the city, but don't want to build quite that tall. Pico was built of numbered blocks and colored roads for easy navigation and when it is completed it also had a subway system for fast travel around the city.

See Pico (r6) for more.

Rev 5

2011-11-07 20.41.12.png
Pico Entrance
Server PvE
Map revision 5
Coordinates 1758, 150
Started About 2 or 3 days after the map began
Mayors thrawn21 and spacepirate1941

Pico started in rev 5 as a town developed from a npc village. Though it started out small, it was one of the fastest growing cities in the 5th rev and even rivaled Seneca and the spawn city, in number of residents. It welcomed players of all experience levels, providing a firm start for newer minecraftians and challenging older builders with its smaller than average plots. Its southerly location, multiple rails, roads and proximity to the South Nether Portal put Pico in an excellent mix of seclusion and connectivity. Its abundant farms serve as a breadbasket of the south, with the double chest of food in the welcome center being filled and emptied on a regular basis.

See Pico (r5) for more.
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