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PvE map revision 15 began at 8:00 PM EST on February 20th, 2015.

More information on this revision can be found in the reddit post here.



Circular with a 5,000 block radius.
Mostly vanilla. Several ruined circular nether brick structures in the overworld.
Ore modifications
Ores plumped a bit. Slight clay plump. Glowstone and Nether Quartz are ores in the overworld.

Map created by Trooprm32.

Fancy Bits

This information is mostly copied from the reddit post.

Player Heads

Renaming a pumpkin to the name of a player and placing it on top of two diamond blocks will spawn a "difficult and very deadly monster" via totemo's Doppelganger plugin. Lightning will strike when the doppel is created. The monster will drop a player head---corresponding to the name of the pumpkin---upon death.

Non-Vanilla Recipes

As in the previous rev, owing to the missing mega taiga and ice spikes biome, we will be keeping the recipes for podzol and packed ice in the game (you’ll need to go to the mesa to pick up red sand though). Unfortunately, with 1.8 came the removal of double stone slabs as an item, and thus those recipes will be unavailable.

Packed Ice: Four ice blocks

Podzol: Leaf block + dirt

MobLimiter and Baby Animals

PvE runs a plugin called MobLimiter that limits the number of mobs (livestock and pets) that may stay in a chunk when it is unloaded - this is to prevent excessively large numbers of mobs when they are not needed. This means that, while you can breed animals up to high numbers, once everyone leaves that area the numbers will be reduced back down to at least a breeding pair.

To compensate for this, mobs spend considerably less time as babies (15 seconds, down from 20 minutes), the cooldown for breeding is similarly reduced (down to 15 seconds from 5 minutes), and mob drops of livestock are plumped.


As has become tradition at this point, there are a few unconventional mob spawners on the map. They’re probably not very interesting - I mean, really, why would anyone go look for the one that spawns green explody things? It’s not like farming them would ever be useful for anything....


We are proud to announce that players will now be able to define their own waypoints! This system is like having your own personal /places, which you can then share with others to point them to your location of choice!

Functionally similar to /home, simply run /wp for a list of commands that can point you in the direction of personal places, list personal places, and enable you to add or remove them as well!

We will still handle /place requests according to the criteria described previously, but it no longer needs to be relied on exclusively to point players to a location.


Historically, zombies trying to reach an unreachable target (eg. a boxed villager) was a major cause of lag in the game, so PvE now runs a plugin that will periodically remove such zombies from the game. This includes zombie villagers, so for those who are planning to convert villagers from the undead, be sure to separate your villagers from the zombies you are converting.

Hopper Carts

We’re bringing hopper carts back! Thanks slide for working on this :D


Notable creations

Many (but not all) PvE players like to work together on large collaborative projects, often taking the form of cities and towns. Some cities are reincarnations from previous revisions; others are brand-new. Many have their own subreddits as well to aid collaboration.

If your settlement is missing, add it! (Click the e in the upper-left.) Be sure to add it to Category:PvE creations (map revision 15) too.



Most cities plan to have rail stations (complete with CARTS/CARBON computers), featuring direct underground or overground links to other cities, builds of importance, nether/end portals, and to spawn.

Spawn does not have a central rail station in r15, but a UMC CARBON station is planned near spawn.

End portals

Portal Overworld coords Notes /place
Solace (943, 755) Killed the Dragon with Whiteoak & friends Solace
Seneca (145, -826) Portal entrance inside town hall Seneca
Seneca II (-884, 465) Portal entrance in the ocean at sea level SenecaPortalSW

Nether portals

The Nether can be accessed from spawn's portal. There are additional portal locations that are scattered around the map.

Notably, in this revision, the portals are not pre-generated. Instead, special signs placed on bedrock take their place. When a player finds and clicks a portal sign, it will announce the find to the server. The player can then modreq the lighting of a portal in a spot of their choosing within 500 blocks, in a shape of their choosing, as long as the purple portal itself takes no more than 25 blocks. This new implementation allows some latitude in the creation of the portals; it also prevents people from easily finding portals by wandering around in the Nether. All remaining unlit portals will be lit by the admins sometime after the rev has been live for two weeks.

The coordinates for the portals, once found and lit, are listed below. Players cannot create their own portals.

There are thirteen portals. One is at spawn and twelve are scattered around the map.

Portal Overworld coords Nether coords Notes
Spawn (-14, 82) (0, 0) Spawn - entrance via stairs at (-5, 44)
North (0, -1366) (0, 78, -171) Ambrosia
Far North (-266, -2913) (-33, 74, -364) Argoth
Northeast (2985, -2025) (+373, 80, -253) Yowie
East (2086, 700) (+261, 73, +87) Pico
Far East (3834, 550) (+480, 60, +69) Klondike
Southeast (2721, 2567) (340, 80, 321) Crabtree
South (400, 1400) (+50 44 +175) Rose City
Far South (-500, 3800) (-71, 76, +480) Whiteoak
Southwest (-2725, 2788) (-340, 72, +348) Unaffiliated
West (-1260, 630) (-156, 102, +82) Kingsport - Le Sable
Far West (-3800, 200) (-480, 60, 28) Unaffiliated
Northwest (-2714, -2865) (-340, 40, -360) Unaffiliated - entrance at -2810 -2868
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