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Yowie is a small town started in Rev11 by Tomzski, Jellypants, and Wheatyler alongside a river. It is beneficially close to the portal city of Argoth, and has grown into a slightly less small town. The name originates from the Australian version of the cryptid known as Bigfoot. Yowie is a very relaxed city with no real strict building rules.

Yowie r14.jpg
Server PvE
Map revision 14
Coordinates 2400, -2400


Rev 11: Yowie started out as a small town on the side of a river created by Tomzski, Jellypants, and Wheatyler. Yowie grew to a moderate size in rev 11, and for the most part becoming a legitimate city with its own FISA team, rail station, and river. Several faces such as Alasaitis and VinnieRus became crucial parts to Yowie's success.

Rev 12: This is the rev we don't speak about. Yowie went for a "macabre" theme and boy was it a disaster. Yowie shrunk to only Tomzski, Jellypants, VinnieRus, and new face Flumper. Yowie did not even finish their spleef stadium or rail station, and is often forgotten for obvious reasons. (Never build a city in the swamp)

Rev 13: This was Yowie's revival. After a Rev 12 slump, the city built itself back up to its original form with its bright, European theme. New faces such as Zoocanadanda and KRTwisty96 showed up and started shaping the Yowie community into the big ol' bag of fun that it is today.

Rev 14: This was the first time Yowie has had a portal. With a massive population growth on the first night, Yowie quickly erupted into one of the bigger cities on the server. This was also the rev that Wheatyler stepped down from his mayor position, and leading to the election of KRtwisty96.


The Yowie Howlers are the official FISA spleef team of the city. Composing of Tomzski and Jellypants, the Howlers went on to place 4th in the FISA Finals in Rev 11, and 1st in Rev 13. Yowie is notorious for their small fields and fast style of play.

Flag and Colors

The Yowie official colors are brown, orange, and light blue. The brown signifies the Yowie in which we are named after, the orange represents the original collection of wood buildings we started out as, and the blue simbolizes the river that flows through the town.

Subreddit - /r/yowie

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