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This is a list of locations on old PvE revisions. For the current revision, check the PvE Atlas.


Revision 9

  • Port Aperture @ 300, 300 - A awesome city real close to spawn! Just a few minutes walk from south rd or east rd!

Revision 6

Revision 6 map

See PvE r6 for a full list of locations and maps.

Mob/XP Grinders

Revision 5

Central Settlements
Northern Settlements
Eastern Settlements
Southern Settlements
  • Pico An NPC village town directly to the west of the southern nether portal. 1758, 150
  • Argoth An isolated, but fast growing town west of Pico. 1853, 1231

Revision 4

Central Settlements
Western Settlements
Southern Settlements

Revision 3

Central Settlements
  • Kamennyigrad @ -400, 0 with 19 residents. A small, ambitious community with a focus on public resources and free housing.
  • Snthville -500, 800 a small valley community with a mining addiction.
Northern Settlements
Eastern Settlements
  • Newcastle from the ashes of Cobble a new contender arises! Head west from East Gate. @ 0, -1550
  • Bedrock a massive underground city carved out from the foundation beneath Newcastle @ 0, -1350
Western Settlements
Southern Settlements

Revision 2

  • Spawn Village is a town surrounding and encompassing spawn, centered around the Spawn Lodge
  • Woodvill3 is one of the first cities on the server and is located about 1700 blocks from spawn.
  • Abyssus is a city with many distinctive features, including an underwater section, about 500 blocks from spawn.
  • CityMaybe is a small community about 700 blocks from spawn.
  • Cloudsdale is a community situated in the clouds
  • Brom Harbor is a seaside community located a couple KM east of spawn
  • Ravenna is a rome themed base town, built less than 100 blocks from the East Stargate.
  • New creeperville is a fast growing town about 3 minutes from spawn noted for it's love of creepers.
  • Underridge is an underground city located directly south of the Western Stargate.
  • BACON is a community about 300 blocks north of spawn, home of the Builders And Crafters Organizational Network.
  • Cobble is a community at -200, -200, just past Bacon, a rival city to Woodvill3 since it's perhaps the biggest city on the server now.

Revision 1

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