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  • Be respectful and civil toward your fellow players
  • No harassment or excessive trolling
  • No bigotry / hate speech
    • This includes, but is not limited to, bigotry based upon ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and religion.
  • No disruptive arguments/discussions in global chat
    • Staff will ask you to take these to private message or clanchat if you wish to continue.
  • No public accusations of rule-breaking
    • To report rule violations, make a /modreq ingame or contact a staff member.
  • No xraying/hacking/cheating
    • Any use of xray / ore detection will result in an immediate 1 month ban and rollback of all edits.
  • No griefing or block spamming
  • No inducing excessive lag
    • In particular, do not allow huge numbers of entities to build up, e.g. by idling at a non-kill mob grinder or breeding an absurd number of animals.
  • No spam or advertising
    • 'Spam' includes a high volume of lines and/or repeated characters entered into chat. In particular, servers should not be advertised in public chat.
  • No posting personal information (i.e. doxxing)
  • No offensive/inappropriate constructions or skins
  • No impersonating other players, particularly staff
  • If banned, no evading the ban - request unbans at
    • A minimum of 2 weeks will be added to the original ban length for every account used to evade a ban on any of our servers.
    • Any accounts used to evade a ban will be banned for the same amount of time as the original banned account.
    • Admins reserve the right to add additional time depending on the circumstances.
    • Only appealed bans will be lifted.
    • At the time at which an appeal is allowed or afterward, a player may appeal for their other accounts to be unbanned, and if the "main" account is unbanned then the alts are as well.
    • Unbanning of all alt accounts will be done by an administrator or higher.
    • At the discretion of an admin, alternate accounts could remain banned if we believe that the person appealing isn't the actual owner.
    • Bans for the alt accounts will include the name of their "main" account.
  • No public discussion of bans
  • No “ban baiting”
    • Ban baiting is enticing or aggravating someone into saying or doing something that will result in a ban – this may result in a ban for both parties.


  • Griefing of blocks is permitted.


  • In order to reduce lag, we request that redstone circuits are not on an infinite loop.
  • These items are banned:
    • Mob spawner (#52)
    • Dragon egg (#122)
    • Command block (#137)
    • Eye of Ender (#381)
    • Spawn eggs (#383)
    • Bottle of enchanting (#384)
    • Invisibility potion
  • Growth is also disabled on the server
  • These items must be placed by staff for you, request using /modreq:
    • Flowing water (#8)
    • Flowing lava (#10)
    • Nether portal (#90)
    • End portal (#119)
    • Barrier block (#166)
    • Item frame (#389)


  • These items are banned:
    • TNT
    • TNT minecarts
  • For your placed water/lava sources to flow, request using /modreq
  • Portals cannot be made by players - a predefined number are claimable in the wild at the beginning of a revision.
  • No killing/trapping other players except in approved PvP arenas
    • This includes direct and indirect forms of PvP, such as using mobs to attack players.
    • PvP arenas must be clearly marked, completely enclosed, and access-restricted builds - the area must only be accessible via iron doors that require a button press to enter. These entrances must be marked with signs stating that it is a PvP area, and that players enter at their own risk. The PvP-enabled area may not exceed 100x100 blocks, and may not interact with other PvP areas in any way. Enabling of the PvP flag will be done entirely at the discretion of server admins.
  • No killing/stealing mobs "owned" by other players
    • This includes any named mobs, mobs that are enclosed/restrained, claimed pet-type mobs and villagers. “Hostile mob” pets must be enclosed such that players cannot enter and be harmed (without breaking in).
    • Farm animals may be harvested but must be bred beforehand to that at least two of each type remain.
  • Do not restrict access to buildings or land, aside from rare exceptions.
    • Rare exceptions would include: a structure to hold villagers for trading; killing box of iron grinders (assuming iron is available to the public); animal farms.
  • Protections are only to prevent grief and other unauthorized edits.
    • Protections are not used for "claiming land". Mods will only protect builds (houses, rail, farms, etc.) and clearly established large projects, such as cities.
  • Requests to protect empty land or to protect a very large buffer around a structure will be denied.
  • Land that has been significantly improved through road/plot making or terraforming can be protected at staff discretion.
    • Hastily made structures that serve no purpose other than to lay claim to an area will not be protected.
    • Modreqs asking for the protection of land that has had no or minimal edits made to it will be denied.
    • Protections generally will cover the entire area above a structure (to sky limit) and about 10 blocks below the lowest floor.
    • We will not protect to bedrock unless your entire structure extends down that far. Underground resources are considered to be public property. Mines, drop shafts, etc. will not be protected.
  • Be mindful and respectful of other players.
    • Do not build very close to other players without their permission - buildings that violate this rule may be moved to a new location without warning.
    • If you have a large project such as a city or megabuild, expand in directions that do not come into conflict with other players. Exhaust all available unopposed routes before expanding near already established players. If you must expand in the vicinity of other players, speak with them first and see if they are willing to participate in your project. Leave signs, /mail send, or /msg them in chat. If you are unable to come to an agreement, contact a moderator for assistance.
    • Scaffolding, 1x1 towers, and other temporary builds should be removed as soon as no longer needed. Such structures may be removed by moderators at any time.
    • Be respectful of the map and do not mar the experience or view for other players. Certain "very low quality" structures including but not limited to cobble/netherrack boxes, floating skyrails, and abandoned incomplete builds may be removed if they significantly impact the surrounding area in a negative way. Such removal will be done entirely at the discretion of the server admins.
  • Only these client mods may be used. If you have questions about a mod not on the list, ask a P admin.


  • These items are banned:
    • Maps placed in item frames
    • Hopper Minecarts
  • Only these client mods may be used. If you have questions about a mod not on the list, ask an S admin.
    • Pretending to use a hacked client is not allowed.
  • Although badmouthing and trolling are parts of the survival server experience, excessive direct verbal or textual attacks against a person will not be tolerated.
  • No inappropriate clan names or tags.
  • No interfering with any arenas in any sort of way. Doing so may result in a ban.
  • Players may make temporary edits to access others’ bases for PvP or exploration.
    • Edits must be minimal and fixed immediately.
  • No spawn camping
    • This includes bed respawn points.
  • No using login or any method of teleportation as a function of PvP, including:
    • Logging off to avoid PvP
    • Logging off while engaged in combat
    • Relogging to gain an advantage such as invulnerability for PvP or to prevent fall damage while being chased
    • Timing logins to attack players at specific locations, including shop
    • Use of the shop to give any PvP advantage or avoid combat
    • Playing with multiple accounts to give yourself a PvP-related advantage
    • Use of endportal, /spawnme, etc. to re-enter no-PvP zones in order to avoid PvP encounters
  • No abuse of server protections, including LWC and WorldGuard
    • No use of LWC-locked blocks for the purpose of base defense, obstruction, or any other use besides protecting items within the locked block. Valid protection extends to locking containers involved in larger ‘machine-type’ builds such as auto-furnaces or auto-brewers.
    • Admins reserve the right to remove LWC-locked blocks or WorldGuard regions used for base defense.
  • Any public containers may be looted.
    • Unlocked containers themselves may not be taken nor locked, but their contents may be taken.
  • All beacons must be protected with WorldGuard, requested via a /modreq for protection, made standing at your beacon.
    • Non-protected beacons will not be rolled back.
    • Abusing beacon protection in any way will result in a ban.
  • Shop Rules:
    • No non-shop items in chest. This includes furnaces, hoppers, brewing stands, enchanting tables (at this time), etc.
    • You are permitted to have 3 storage chests for stocking purposes. Shop chests are subject to random checks to ensure compliance.
    • Non-storage chests are only allowed to contain buyable and sellable items and must be labelled appropriately; everything else must be in storage chests. **Non-compliance with these rules will result in a notice and if not corrected, the removal of the chest and items. Multiple offenses will result in the removal of the offending shop owner’s shop with no refund.
    • No player traps of any sort.
    • You may buy the shop directly next to you and request to have the wall removed. Corner shops may not have the walls removed to combine adjacent shops.
    • You may not sell any items that are in the admin shop or items that craft into those items.
    • You can find a tutorial of how to set up your shop at the entrance of the shop, for any additional questions please PM an admin.
    • You may modreq for an admin to put barrier blocks in your store in the shop world. However, this block placement is at the discretion of the admins.
    • You may purchase a spawner from the shop for 20,000 coins (subject to change) and using /modreq at the location with the mob type of your choice.
  • The spawner can be placed anywhere of your choice in the overworld
  • You cannot have the spawner spawn any passive mobs, nether mobs, endermen, guardians, witches or slimes. Any other mobs are allowed.
  • In order to claim land you must build a border around what land you want to claim. Borders must be on the surface of the land in order to be considered valid (no underground borders).
    • A claim extends from bedrock to sky limit. However, mine-shafts that intersect with this claim are not considered griefing.
    • If your claim goes without use for a long enough period of time, an admin can choose to give it to a user who requests it.
    • Admins reserve the right to resolve land disputes in a manner they deem appropriate.


  • Event server rules will depend on the event type, typically following the mold of one of the previous four server rulesets. Specific rules are established per-event.



  • On mumble, no "spamming" with loud or annoying noises
  • On mumble, please use push-to-talk
  • On mumble, no recording unless you have permission from everyone in the channel
  • Please mark all NSFW links as such - do not send NSFW material to minors or people who are not interested in seeing it.
  • No "griefing" the wiki
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