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"New map is boss"

PvE map revision 12 began at 7:30PM EDT on September 27th, 2013. As it started before 1.7, the map was generated in 1.6 and will not be re-generated for 1.7.

More information on this revision can be found in the reddit post here and the other reddit post here.



4000x4000 (generated out to 6000x6000 for possible future expansion)
Generated in 1.6 vanilla-ish, with WorldPainter fixups. Terrain Control for underground/ores. Regular sea level.
Ore modifications
Ores plumped a bit. Slight clay plump. Glowstone is an "ore" in the overworld.

Fancy Bits

Player Heads

Renaming a pumpkin to the name of a player and placing it on top of two diamond blocks will spawn a "difficult and very deadly monster." The monster will drop a player head---corresponding to the name of the pumpkin---upon death.

Special formations (other than diamond blocks) will allow players to receive "key" items which can be traded at spawn for blocks normally unavailable in survival mode. These formations are secret.

Hidden Secrets

Some non-vanilla spawners (such as creeper spawners) are hidden around the map.

Some loot chests are hidden around the map.

Minecraft 1.7 Features

The map will not be regenerated for 1.7. The admins will deal with 1.7 blocks and items somehow.


The official cartograph is available: CartoP. Timelapse images of the first weeks of construction can be found here.

Notable creations

Many (but not all) PvE players like to work together on large collaborative projects, often taking the form of cities and towns. Some cities are reincarnations from previous revisions; others are brand-new. Many have their own subreddits as well to aid collaboration.

If your settlement is missing, add it! (Click the e in the upper-left.) Be sure to add it to Category:PvE creations (map revision 12) too.



Most cities have rail stations (complete with CARTS/CARBON computers), featuring direct underground (sometimes overground) links to other cities, builds of importance, nether/end portals, and to spawn.

Spawn does not have a central rail station in r12, but a UMC CARBON station is planned near spawn.

End portals

There is an entrance to the End Portal at (77, 40, -850).

Nether portals

The Nether can be accessed from spawn's portal. There are additional portal locations that are scattered around the map.

Notably, in this revision, the portals are not pre-generated. Instead, special signs take their place. When a player finds and clicks a portal sign, it will announce the find to the server. The player can then modreq the lighting of a portal in that spot. This new implementation allows some latitude in the creation of the portals; it also prevents people from easily finding portals by wandering around in the Nether.

The coordinates for the portals, once found and lit, are listed below. Players cannot create their own portals.

There are a number of portals (the exact number is unknown at this point). One is at spawn.

Portal Overworld coords Nether coords Notes
Spawn (33, 87) (?, ?)
NE (Argoth) (1583, -1690) (?, ?) Argoth
ESE (Whiteoak) (1611, 374) (?, ?) Whiteoak
SE (Driftwood) (1900, 1560) (?, ?) Pacifidlog
SW (Praha Way) (-1078, 1657) (?, ?) Praha Way
WSW (Kalmos) (-1975, 753) (?, ?) Kalmos
NW (Seneca) (-1536, -1698) (?, ?) Seneca
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