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Rose City, a PVE town founded during Rev 10, is a community of friendly botanists looking to spread their world famous roses throughout the land.

Find more about us at: [Subreddit], or come chat with us on IRC in the #rose channel.



dnynumberone, F0rtynuggets, Flumper, Sir_Chefly, krapps, pez252, RuadhanM, tict0c, Zomise

Former Mayors

Acreamcometrue, appa13, assasymphoni, AxisArchon, BlueAtlanta, Bobosozeli, difficult1, dontera, Duckthatgoesmoo, Franklloydcrank, J5F3C2, Jam5251, Rivae, saskuel, SourPickleEater, theclefe, twilexis, Tyrangiels, Varukasalt


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Revision 10

Rose City r10
Server PvE
Map revision 10
Coordinates -200, -1950

Rose City began as a small village near Necropolis and the much larger city of Braum. It sat in a valley at the northernmost point on the map. Total Population at the end of rev was approx. 16.

Notable Builds

Cavern of the Roses - Set on the northern border of the map, the residents of Rose found a valley to stake their claim, which was also connected to one of the many deep caverns in the area. The town began at the top of the valley, but soon spread deeper.

Rose Road - Stretching South through the canyons, Rose Road was a simple byway that connected Rose City with Necropolis. It was the only intercity road in the town.

Great Wall of Rose - Once fully established, the residents of Rose decided to build a hulking wall of stone and wool, with the Rose Emblem towering above the city.

Revision 11

Rose City r11
Server PvE
Map revision 11
Coordinates 1000, 900

Rose City was founded midway through Rev 11 as a small community on the Eastern shore of Vinhaven Island.

Vinhaven's Pretty little sister - Rose City long sat in the shadow of Vinhaven. The portal hosting medieval community evolved into a fortress in the middle of the large Southeastern island while Rose City clung to the Eastern shore. While relations were favorable between the two communities, little effort was put into linking Rose to the outside world. Rose's only road, one that bore through a mountain range, connected inside a Vinhaven citadel.

The great landfill - With little land to develop on shore, a decision was made to expand Rose's residential district into the sea. With the help of Tellico residents, Rose Road was created and extended east, where it connected to a massive bridge built by TBone and Waterslide. From there residential plots were slowly added as needed.

Rose City Highway - Long isolated with their lack of rail and road connections, leadership debated the best way to open Rose City up to the rest of the world. Built by theclefe, the road meandered along existing infrastructure and newly paved roads. Through partnerships with Port 80, Vinhaven and Endor, the Rose City Highway, not only connected Rose City to Spawn, but opened the entire ocean-heavy South East corner of the map to development. As Rose City grew, the use of the Rose City Highway became vital. New players would travel along the well marked highway to lay their claim to plots in the city.

The End Rev Hype and the Viridium collapse - As rumors swirled across the server that the Rev would end prematurely, players and towns began preparing for a new rev that wouldn't come for many months. In an effort to improve numbers and consolidate effort, a merger with Viridium was discussed. Another Southeastern city hoping to gain prominence, the informal union was called Viridium Rose. A quickly as merger plans came together, they fell apart due to inactivity from Viridium leadership. Abandoned and alone on a dying server, Rose City was close to collapse.

The Rose Era - Refusing to let future plans die, the remaining Rose City members rallied. Led by SourPickleEater, massive landfill projects commenced, rail lines to Seneca, Manta Islands, Birch Island, Pico and Metal Mountains expanded Rose's transportation network and mayors focused on recruiting. As activity on the PvE server declined, Rose's population tripled as aggressive mayors and attentive residents made Rose City one of the most influential cities in the region. With the increased population and exposure, Rose began the infrastructure needed to support world demand. They became the world's most reliable horse provider and hosted the largest villager trading depot among other large projects.

Notable Builds

Revision 12

Rose City r12
Server PvE
Map revision 12
Coordinates 747, 1072

Following its rise to prominence the prior rev, Rose City became a major actor in world affairs in Rev 12, providing infrastructure and leadership in the developing world.

Selecting the right soil - After a failed nether hunt after the map launch, Rose City residents struck out to find a suitable spot build. Choosing the Southeast segment of the map, Rose quickly found itself surrounded by several powerful neighbors. Powerhouses Pico, Vinhaven, Metal Mountains, Port Aperture, Port 80, Baktun and Manta packed the quadrant with Rose nestled between them.

The Hub of the South East - Recognizing their advantageous position, Rose transportation teams quickly worked to unite the high population areas. The Rose City Highway, linking Rose to Spawn was completed within 24-hours. Roads to Pico and Vinhaven soon followed. By the end of the first week, more roads had been laid by Rose City members than by the entire server combined. The rails soon followed. The spider web of Rose City transportation improvements linked every city in the Southeast, and many major cities through the world. For nearly a month, Rose rails carried 80 percent of rail passengers.

Growth of a City - The superb transportation network combined with the strong player base from the previous rev helped Rose City grew leaps and bounds. New people flocked to the city, broken up into eight unique districts. Rose's Stone District played host to many new residents, while the other districts benefited from hand-picked and talented leaders. Soon, Rose's city limits began to swell. Through selflessness and hard work, residents pooled their resources to accelerate the growth. Grinders of all shapes and sizes were built. Community buildings and personal dwellings sprang up all over. The city was buzzing with activity, and that drew even more people. By mid-rev, Rose City was challenging the Seneca megalopolis for the largest population, an amazing feat considering Rose was comprised of only two active people a mere four months ago.

The South East Alliance - Already bonded through trade and pleasantries, the great cities of the South East looked to formalize their partnership. SEA was formed, and soon region projects began popping up. A SEA rail station at spawn, fortifications along the border and other inter-town efforts solidified the pact.

Death of a Leader - In early December 2013, along time player and the head mayor of Rose City passed away. The new rattled the city. With the help of SEA neighbor Manta, a memorial was built in the town. The residents of Rose rallied around their lost friend and continued to aggressively expand the city he loved. (This was later proven to be untrue.) (During rev 13 it became known he wasn't dead after all.)

Notable Builds

Revision 13

Rose City r13
Server PvE
Map revision 13
Coordinates 0, 1000

Prior to revision 13 theclefe told it was decided between mayors that the goal for revision was for Rose City to become the capital of the south and as such the city centre would be at 0, 1000.

Notable Builds

Rose City Parkour

Water Gardens

Revision 14

Rose City r14
Server PvE
Map revision 14
Coordinates 2500, 0

Notable Builds

Revision 15

Rose City r15
Server PvE
Map revision 15
Coordinates 400, 1400

Notable Builds

Revision 16

Rose City r16
Server PvE
Map revision 16
Coordinates -300, 1000

Notable Builds

Revision 17

Rose City Rev 17
Server PvE
Map revision 17
Coordinates -1650, -100

Rose City decided to not go for a portal and was instead on the lookout for a location with several biomes. There was several candidates, but the city was founded during the first day on a spot dnynumberone had found with roofed forest, swamp, extreme hills and plains. The area initially claimed was about 350x400 with some bends. The area was later on slightly increased to include all of the small plains biome to accommodate Rose City's hot air balloon field.

Notable Builds

Revision 18

Rose City Rev 18
Server PvE
Map revision 18
Coordinates -300, 1800

Notable Builds

Revision 19

Rose City Rev 19
Server PvE
Map revision 19
Coordinates 2100, -1000

Notable Builds

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