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"Imagine a desert that you could explore for many in game days and still not reach the edge. Vast jungles that stretch from the highest peaks to the depths of the former sea bed. A massive stinking swamp where the mooshrooms roam free. You’ll find it all on PVE Rev 8!"
WickedCoolSteve teasing the new revision

Carthograph on 15 of June

PvE map revision 8 lasted from May 18, 2012 to July 31, 2012. It featured a custom map with large biomes, which players populated with cities, rails, spleef stadiums, and more.



Ore and block distribution and terrain generation are completely vanilla, as opposed to the various terrain mods used in previous revisions. The map's surface, on the other hand, has been heavily modified with WorldPainter. Terrain features include larger biomes, vast jungles with giant trees and a hell-on-earth area. Many oceans and rivers were drained to ensure a big area available for building. Look at it!


  • The official cartograph is updated every couple of days
  • There is an in-game map at spawn near the Adventurer's Lounge
  • Many players have created regional maps as well. If you're ever lost in-game don't hesitate to ask in chat!

Notable creations

More creations in Category:PvE Creations (Map Revision 8)


Nearly every city has a spleef arena (in fact, some have more than one!) FISA is the player-run conference for organizing inter-city spleef matches. Informal spleef matches and individual tournaments are held frequently as well.

Additionally, there are a handful of PvP-enabled arenas as well. As per the server rules, all PvP arenas must be clearly marked and admin-approved.



Like previous revisions, many PvE players have been working together to build cities and towns. Some cities are reincarnations from previous revisions; others are brand-new. Many have their own subreddits as well to aid collaboration.

New for this revision is the UMC, a sort of meta-city where inter-city diplomacy happens. UMC stands for United Minecraft Cities, a play on the real-life United Nations.

If your settlement is missing, add it! (Click the e in the upper-left.)



Most cities have rail stations (complete with CARTS computers), featuring direct underground links to other cities and to spawn. [[1]]

Additionally, a surface-level world rail (known as the y70 Loop) is under construction, for riders seeking a more scenic trip.

Nether portals

The Nether can be readily accessed from spawn's portal. There are seven additional portals: four at the ±1800 corners, and three additional "bonus" portals that were originally secret until being discovered by players:

  • Deorne's portal, east by south
  • Anvar's portal,, due west in the middle of the hell-on-earth biome
  • The third secret portal, also known as the Troll Portal, is deep beneath the ocean

End portals

All three strongholds with End portals were been found and activated.

Technical issues

Like every other revision, the server was not without its technical issues.

  • The player cap had to be lowered several times from 150 to as low as 80, due to the large number of entities overtaxing the server. This has been partially alleviated by adding several more gigabytes of RAM and by implementing a hard mob cap.
  • The mob cap that was put in place to fix the above issue has a major drawback, making it very difficult for players to maintain wool farms. Sheep (and other animals) are subject to arbitrary purges depending on how the server loads its chunks. An improved method for capping mobs has been proposed but not yet implemented.
  • There are misplaced blocks here and there left over from WorldPainter's ocean draining... mainly floating water, disembodied lily pads, and random reeds. All in all though these are fairly rare, and mods have been manually fixing them when encountered.
  • The world ends abruptly at the 6000x6000 edges; this is also due to a WorldPainter error. Many players have built houses on the sheer cliffs, so we'll just call this a bug a "feature". :-)
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