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Port 80
When you're in Port 80 you're always on vacation!
Server PvE
Map revision 14
Coordinates 0, -600
Started November 5, 2012



Port 80 was first conceived in Rev 8 by cheezymuffins and betarepeater. As a small hamlet with no other residents, the idea was considered abortive and would've been otherwise abandoned, until their closest Rev 8 neighbour at the time, Loganran, adopted the city name for himself and later jumpstarted the idea in Rev 9 right outside of Kalmos' gates with PopeAdam. It was home to over 35 citizens in a very short time and managed to establish a Wool shop and Apple Computer store.

By Rev 10, Port 80 became a legitimate city, being the closest major city to Spawn and the second city with rail to spawn. With Loganran and PopeAdam leading the charge, Port 80 sponsored the build of the bridge connecting Spawn to the North ocean and the rest of the map from the north, overlooking the Port 80 suburbs from the town's lighthouse. The city centre had an underground farm complete with most animals and plants, as well as a public mine, a miniature city map and a PvP-enabled arena typically used to battle Withers. There was an apartment building high-rise on the ocean that had plenty of apartments for new residents to easily move into as well as a Spleef Arena on the eastern border.

Rev 11 would see the arrival of new faces such as jermicide, saberfysh, Miogre, and zifnab06 that began taking part in establishing Port 80's community, from iron grinders, vending machines, slime farms, to redstone contraptions in the newly conceived Port 80 Factory. This was also an exciting period where Port 80's spleef team began to emerge. After taking 7th place in Rev 10's FISA standings, the city's burgeoning reputation on the server became the breeding grounds of multiple spleef arenas and a new spleef team led by fishing4monkeys, Vacation9, and evolve90 that began sweeping highly regarded opponents from major cities to qualify for the FISA Finals, bringing Argoth to a thrilling 9th deciding game before conceding 5-4, taking 3rd place.

Rev 12 was a pivotal moment in the city's history, marking the first time Port 80 moved away from spawn and settled in a pristine river valley discovered by spleef captain fishing4monkeys. The introduction of a unified Venetian theme along the river gave way to a creative renaissance, leading to the creation of many cultural structures such as the Straight Tower of Pisa, Port 80 University, Radio80 station, Sutolotus Temple and the Church of Miogrelism. It also led to the birth of Spleef Club and the Pixel Lounge, a futuristic nightclub created by mrsslats. This is widely regarded by the server as one of the best revs for Port 80 as it flourished under the newfound freedom and space gained from leaving spawn.

Rev 13 would be the first time Port 80 became a portal city, alongside their closest neighbour, Whiteoak (the sister city of Port Aperture). Together, both claimed the Northwest Nether Portal and shared the region as Port80-Whiteoak, allocating a divider road in between both cities and building a central Union Building in honor of the alliance. It would become the main point of access for the Northwest, home to Tristram, Felind, El Flake, Aratec Beach, Glothek's Big-Ass Cruise Ship, and the much-revered P.A. Memorial Dome, built in memory of the late Port Aperture, one of the four major cities on the server before it died. With the success of Spleef Club, the game spread across the server and began to be hosted in different cities as a mature sporting event. Moreover, Port 80's culture by this time was well-established and continued to manifest in the form of the Port 80 Lighthouse, Port 80 Airport, Port 80 Cathedral, the Peccer Park Statue, and an underground Metro line.

The style of Port 80 is of a medium-sized port town, with lots of modern homes on the coast and many other houses generally surrounding a central fountain and Parliament building in the city centre, where most amenities and services are located for visitors and tourists. Despite the fluid nature of the builds in Port 80, most public works and official city buildings follow the flag's colour scheme of teal/gray/white and the city is designated as a zero-cobble and zero-netherrack zone.

Port 80 is consistently the home of the Drunkn' Pumkin Bar & Grill, a trademark building in the city. Free food and beer is always served at the pub and easily accessible to newcomers and veterans alike.


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