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Walla-Walla Town Hall
Server PvE
Map revision 11

Rev 9 -1000, -1700 Rev 10 0, -1500

Rev 11 175, -620



Rev 9- From humble beginnings as a lonely castle off to the side of Mycenae, Walla-Walla, starting its life as an offshoot of the village of Spoonerville, quickly grew into a sprawling settlement. The town is situated entirely around Walla-Walla Castle, the town's base of operations and storage deposit. More information and screenshots can be found in our Reddit post.

Rev 10- Walla-Walla is a founding member of rev 10. It is situated in a swamp and surrounded by stunning floating islands. It is also conveniently near the Necropolis nether portal, making travel easy. Built around the town hall, Walla-Walla's residential district is built in many terraces, allowing for a stunning view from any home. Walla-Walla is the founding city of the Church of Broadcast, and is host to the Cathedral of Broadcast.

Rev 11-


Rev 9- Walla-Walla is fully stocked with nearly all indispensable resources and buildings, including a rail station, library with enchanting table, brewing stations, ender chests, and cow, sheep, and chicken farms. Also included (and practically unmissable) is a decorated Spleef arena for practice and tourneys.

Rev 10- Walla-Walla has everything that a prospective citizen could need, including a forge (complete with anvil); storage room; all four animals in pens; a farm containing wheat, sugar cane, carrots, potatoes, automated pumpkins and melons, and all four types of tree; the Cathedral of Broadcast; a CARTS station connected with Port Aperture, Bromgoth, Necropolis, Port 80, Wellspring, and Spawn; and an inn for residents whose home is still under construction, or just the common traveler looking for a place to spawn. The town has plots for new citizens, and is constantly terraforming to accommodate for new residents. Future structures will include a massive library (under construction), spleef arena(s) (under construction), canal to ocean, Bank (under construction), walls surrounding the entire city, and a non-residential district for citizens to create their own buildings.

Rev 11-



  • Paul125 (Founder)
  • SirChuckthSqrrl (Head Priest of Broadcast)
  • LeakyGilmanator
  • Amertune
  • SlyCriminal


  • Rhyno0331


Walla-Walla is rapidly growing in population, contains plenty of open space, and will happily induct anyone wanting to join our community, new or experienced. There are no requirements for citizenship in Walla-Walla, other than meeting a mayor to pick your plot (plots and permissions will not be given without a meeting first). Mayors have right to evict citizens for trouble-making behavior.


New citizens are given their choice of an open plot, which are located on terraces on a massive overhang and cliffs, and may build as high up as they wish, as long as they do not exceed the boundaries of the plot. Walla-Walla is divided into residential and non-residential districts. There is no technical building code, but citizens are advised not to create "ugly" homes, and they will be warned if a change needs to be made. If a building is left in an obviously unfinished manner without changing for an excessively, mayors do reserve the right to remove the home (with warning of course). Non-residential plots will be larger than residential plots, and can be more specialized in size. Builders must receive mayoral approval prior to reserving a non-residential plot.


Walla-Walla's Rail station connects directly to Spawn, Port Aperture, Bromgoth, Port 80, Wellspring, and Necropolis.

The easiest way to get to Walla-Walla is take the rail from spawn, or walk through the nether to the Necropolis portal and take the rail from Necropolis to the town.

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