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Deerside is a town in PvE Revision 11. This is Deerside's 3rd revision.


2013-04-14 00.34.19.png
Server PvE
Map revision 11
Coordinates -150, 1000
Lead l3roski, ShDynasty
Contributors ObiWanEgobi, sean8329213, feasibleacorn, xXEnr4gedHoboXx
Started April, 6 2013

Deerside is located on a jungle island located about 1000 blocks south of spawn. Deerside fits a loose jungle theme with an emphasis on a restored ruins style. The CARTS system features 12 outputs with one that goes to the Deerside Spleef Arena. The closest portal to Deerside is in Seneca. More rail lines and builds coming soon!


This is Deerside's third revision, and the founder's fourth revision with the reddit PvE server. Rev 9 Deerside was an winter-y mountain themed town with lots of spruce wood lodge-styled buildings. It featured a full size hockey rink and huge spleef arena. Deerside Rev 10 was based on an intersection two rivers at the base of a mountain. Builds were styled to be semi-urban with a clean styling.

Theme and Builds

Builds must fit a loose jungle theme. Examples include restored ruins and an overgrown style. Builds must be made of multiple materials and have some sort of unique texture (ie not flat and rectangular). We don't use a plot system, so contact a mayor to reserve space today!

New residents are welcome, but they must be willing to work within building guidelines. Message l3roski or ShDynasty for more information.

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