Clark Shores (r11)

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Clark Shores
The small, quaint town with the huge sign!
Server PvE
Map revision 11
Coordinates 472, 45
Started April 6, 2013

Clark shores, a small quaint town located just east of spawn. Starting out on revision eleven, Clark Shores has just become to form, in hopes of becoming a bustling desert town. We hope to welcome all residents, and a town hall is soon to be built. We are also home to the Clark Shores Homeowners Association, the group in charge of making sure that the town looks nice and neat. We have a harbor available for use to the public, including locations to many tourist destinations on the high seas. NPaladin built a huge sign he before he ragequit. And for some reason, nobody notices the gigantic sign above our town, making it a prominent place on the live map. Yet, not a single person wants to visit. Its a very strange thing indeed. We have many properties available for free, just ask raddyroro, The mayor, for more info and all the properties



  • Sandstone and stone bricks are the main building brick in our town, please use them as the main bricks for buildings.
  • Don't be a dick
  • Don't build randomly, please ask before you stake a claim to make sure it is not in a spot we do not want a building or is already claimed.
  • We are very nice, feel free to ask questions about anything or leave us mail!
  • All residents building within the city borders must comply with the Clark Shores Homeowners Association rules and make sure that their property does not look messy or out of order, please don't leave chests everywhere or make a mess.
  • All sandstone and other raw bricks must be mined underneath the city, leaving the sand and top two layers untouched.
  • Please replant any trees or food that you farm, keep the farms running forever...
  • IMPORTANT!!! Clark Shores~~ has received many accounts of not replanting at our public farm. We heavily enforce this. Not replanting counts as greifing and leads immediately to an instaban. If we receive any more farm greifing, we will be forced to shut down the public farm. Please replant everything after harvesting.

Those are the rules so far, If you have any questions, drop some mail via chat or reddit and enjoy our town!


  • raddyroro

Residents of Revision 11 Clark Shores

  • seab3
  • NPaladin (retired)
  • raddyroro
  • Ghostcrafter
  • alden32
  • mald
  • rapperkid04
  • naltoc
  • tildekey
  • magicalpiano
  • sup_brah_
  • fuzzy_w4ffle
  • anarchydroid
  • hoginthefog
  • iamalvl99mudkip
  • king_john_cool
  • conmangryphon
  • steamApunk
  • Geodisic
  • Dr_S_Infamous (Resident Mad Scientist)

(I know we missed people, feel free to add yourself to the list if you live in our town)


  • As of 4-19-2013, we don't have any sort of CARTS system or rail line. We hope to implement one soon and get transport to spawn.
  • You can reach us by boat, entering our wonderful bay by locating the huge gigantic sign.
  • you can also reach us by road. The RBA east road passes just by our fair city, just look for the offshoot road that says "Main Street"


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