Tsitrin (r11)

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Tsitrin (r11)
Server PVE
Map revision 11
Coordinates -1300, 1900
Lead Segasaturn95, imwoood, Merc_rick
Contributors redhare, bathacker, Amity07
Started 4/6/13

Informally known as Tsitrin IV, revision 11's Tsitrin is a planned project headed by Segasaturn95, imwoood, and Merc_rick, the same trio responsible for the first three cities by that name.


Tsitrin's roots lie deep in the past of PVE, beginning with the troubled development of Topaz, the western hub city of PVE 6. Segasaturn95, having experienced success managing the city of Kamennyigrad on PVE 3, and returning to independant builds after spending two revisions contributing to Brom, planned Topaz as a sprawled out network of neighborhoods with a central metro station, and initially recieved good interest for the project. Unfortunately, the site of the western hub was the center of a vast tundra where development was extremely difficult. Very little support was found during the early weeks, which was compounded by the poor quality of the main western rail line, as well as Sega's inexperience with redstone preventing him from building a CARTS computer. By the time development began to increase, personal troubles lead Sega to suffer multiple emotional breakdowns over the holiday season, leading him to ask for assistance managing the city before taking a leave of absence. Imwoood was the respondant "stand-in" mayor who took over for the remainder of the revision.

After Topaz, Sega became interested in developing a much smaller town, Amethyst, which was set in a beautiful forest clearing and was slated to have a unique underground river system to allow residents to ride boats directly from their basements to the sea. When a user on the subreddit asked about modern-looking towns, Sega rebuilt his home into a modern style, which Sega admired so much that he decided to continue using in later builds. The whole project was dismantled, however, when Sega discovered that a neighboring project was building in a way that seriously damaged the environment. Convinced that he would be unable to find success in the surrounding area, Sega decided to pack the entire town's supplies into several chests, and then attempted to negotiate a merger with several cities, although no deal came to fruition. This lead Sega to contact imwoood again, this time to discuss a fully-planned joint project as a successor to Topaz.

At the time, Sega was a highly unpopular figure due to his behavior during PVE 6, and attracting interest in another city proved nearly impossible. Sega eventually decided to hold a Spleef arena design contest, offering up his remaining dimonds and other items as prizes for the winners. The winning design inspired Sega to begin work on a "test map" which incorporated a number of design ideas picked up from many of Sega's past experiences. Redditor Merc_rick joined in the critique for the eventually released project, demonstrating ways that redstone could be used to improve the map. When PVE-8 launched, Tsitrin was founded and quickly developed thanks to the released blueprints. In three months time, the city became quite popular. Merc_rick was added as a third mayor due to his extensive help in seeing the city through.

Tsitrin was followed by Tsitrin II on PVE 9. It has been noted by many builders that Revision 9 was a time of little innovation on the server due to most mayors' lack of inspiration and energy following the explosive PVE 8. Tsitrin became a key example of this issue, never truly developed and obviously lacking real leadership. The city fell into obscurity, and Sega would later ask if his co-mayors were willing to return for a third city after such a disastrous showing. Both enthusiastically agreed, and Tsitrin III planning began. Sega's test map demonstrated new materials used in the modern design scheme, most notably spruce wood and clay. These additions lead the team to settle in a snow biome near Pico. Development was again swift, as the test map used low-rise buildings exclusively. The city was later expanded to house an ice-making machine designed by Merc-rick, which became a major draw to the town.


Tsitrin IV's test map uses a 4x4 grid of 3x3 plots to demonstrate the viability of compact, yet impressively-designed towers, which are intended to be the centerpiece of the new city. Before the grid is built, however, the team plans to settle on a hillside that overlooks the plains, allowing for homes and minor resource collection to occur before the city center is constructed.

Tsitrin in other Revisions

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