Tellico (r11)

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Tellico Region
The Mega project capital
Server PvE
Map revision 11
Coordinates 1600, 600
Lead CutterWill
Contributors bnuge12, ocelot321, Doodlemonkey
Started April 7 2013
Completed September 27

Tellico is a nation inspired by Darco, and area comprising various mega projects and towns that collaborate. Tellico was started by CutterWill.


Notable creations

Mega Builds

Tellico Towers

Located at 1500, 600, they were triplet towers that standed 180 blocks high. They were designed and built by CutterWill.

Arapahoe Amusement Park

Located at 1675, 600, it had all kinds of rides such as Pharoah, a ride that had a unique support structure and was also one of the biggest rides too.

Alt text

Dravidia Castle

Located at 1900, 800, this castle was different from all the rest of Tellico. Dravidia Castle was a pentagon and had a medieval theme.

Cretoria Arcology

Located at 1750, 675, Cretoria Arcology had farms, apartments and more. It was a 40 blocks in diameter sphere.

Towns and cities


Located at 1550, 700, Eudora was the biggest city in Tellico. Eudora had grand total of a dozen skyscrapers.

Alt text


Located at 1700, 800, Galtisburg was a 20th century town built near a mountain.

Tellico Village

Located at 1475, 700, Tellico Village was in between the Tellico Towers and Eudora. It brought a somewhat modern style to Tellico

New Gaul

Nestled on a mountain and located at 1900, 725, it had a European style with amazing views.


It was located at 1750, 900 and had a 16th century town on top of a mountain


  • To get +85 people living in Tellico by the end of the rev.
  • To get the first skyscraper finished by 5/1 Check!
  • To get +15 people living in Tellico by 5/1
  • To get Dravidia Castle finished by 5/10
  • To get 2 rides built at Arapahoe Amusement park by 5/10
  • To get the Tellico Towers done by 5/23
  • To get everything done by the end of the rev.
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