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Whiteoak Flag.png
Whiteoak Flag
Server PvE
Map Revision 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Started September 27th 2013
SwitchViewz, QuietSkillzz, Rokku117, skebie

Whiteoak Rev Pages
PvE Revision 10 Whiteoak (R10)
PvE Revision 11 Whiteoak (R11)
PvE Revision 12 Whiteoak (R12)
PvE Revision 13 Whiteoak (R13)
PvE Revision 14 Whiteoak (R14)
PvE Revision 15 Whiteoak (R15)


About Whiteoak

Whiteoak is a tree and wood themed town on the PvE Server. Whiteoak primarily focuses on wood builds and custom tree designs, as well as farms and finding Nether Portals. Visit the Whiteoak subreddit at www.reddit.com/r/whiteoak

History of Whiteoak

Whiteoak was originally started back in Rev 10 and was a medieval based town on floating islands next door to Pearl Islands. The town was started toward the end of the Rev and only a few things were built. In Rev 11 Whiteoak sought out a Jungle Glowstone Tree Forest and built in it. As it turned out that forest was right next to Port Aperture and Whiteoak became the Tree District of Port Aperature. In Rev12 Whiteoak stayed with Port Aperture and helped them find a Nether Portal and became the Tree District of Port Aperture again. Toward the middle of the Rev Porta Aperture was mostly abandoned and Whiteoak took over all of Port Aperture and it became just Whiteoak. In Rev 13 Whiteoak teamed up with Port80 and found a Nether Portal together. They then shared the Portal with a line down the middle and built towns on there respective sides. In Rev 14 Whiteoak merged with Solace to become one large town and found a Nether Portal. Together they built a very large Whiteoak. In Rev15 Solace split from Whiteoak to find a End Portal while Whiteoak went and found a Nether Portal. Rev15 is currently ongoing and history is writing itself.

Current Whiteoak Staff



Past Whiteoak Staff

These guys helped run Whiteoak in past Revisions or played a major role in the town. Unfortunately they no longer play and we miss them a lot.



Whiteoak Founders

These are the guys that initially founded Whiteoak back in Revision 10. Sadly some of them no longer play, but most are still around.

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