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2012-09-13 23.09.05.png
Raymond0412 standing in front of a Awesome flag
Authority Mayor of Port Aperture
Favorite server (PvE)
Joined Near end/middle of PvE rev 7

Raymond0412 is a Aussie player, who enjoys a game of football(The REAL football with an actual BALL and not a EGG), Minecraft, Battlefield and Starcraft. He is usually happy and helpful unless he meets someone prejudice, naive and stubborn.


After being sick of running his own server and getting people to join it, he decided to join a public server. After a few bad servers where his house got griefed to nothingless, he found out that reddit had it's own server. He joined PvE during the middle of rev 7 and didn't know what was going on so he went into the mumble channel and met cheezymuffins. Cheezymuffins directed Raymond0412 to the town of Whore Island, where he grew to like the server.

On the last day of Rev 7, Raymond0412 thought that cheezymuffins quitted minecraft because he was offline for a VERY long time and he had mentioned that he had a new job and would be a lot busier. So Raymond0412 got together with Cazza1500 and started a new town, by the name of Port Aperture. The town grew slowly during rev 8. When rev 9 came, he started Port Aperture again and positioned it near spawn. This time, it grew with a great speed.

Best Creations

Rev 9 Second Home

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