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To Do Unfinished Finished
Fix logs so they record sign placement. Assigned to AlLnAtuRalX
Add an !irc command to show the #RedditMC on info (just like the !mumble command)
Planned restarts don't always save, resulting in rollbacks.
Fix /spawn to set you facing the RULES board. (Right now you face the ground.) Attempted to fix this - permissions issue Skuld
Fix /help menu Still shows all commands to all users
Change SimpleProtect to ban placement of signs, doors, etc.
Implement user groups for protection plugin.
Implement /clean command. This is broken. I set up a temporary incinerator at /spawn in the meantime. -MBoffin
Implement ARCTeleport/Compass Privileges for old EA list
Implement /kit to give diamond tools
Remove /tphere command for general users.
Implement /build
Add lightvote
Implement Magic Carpet for Admins and For Mods
Strip "[WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" from the logs.


To Do Unfinished Finished
Permissions issue with the new moderators. EeeKitties, Omega_Guardian, and schererererer can't access the chests in the modcave. I made one for them, but adding the "moderators" group and "moderator" group to the regular chests doesn't do anything for them. X
Investigate region permission issues near spawn. Blocks can't be deleted, even with superpickaxe, even though there are no regions defined there. Update: Normal users are unable to break or place blocks in this large vague area; mods can only break blocks using superpickaxe, but at normal speed; admins appear to have fullspeed capabilities. X
Mods don't have access to the /kit mod X


To Do Unfinished Finished
Add EeeKitties and schererererer to the mod list. X
Give all mods and admins access to modcave chests. X


To Do Unfinished Finished
TNT Crashes server X
Give admins and mods ban powers. X

Generic Mod Tools

To Do Unfinished Finished
Add the ability to put a reason in the /kick command, don't know if /ban needs it too or not X
Implement remove warp command X
Add auto-kill crash script X
Fix file list X
Mod mescad Skuld 05:28, 2 March 2011 (CST) X
Finish updating the Moderation Guidelines X
Give AlcoJew access to cuboid (Can't protect etc) on all servers X
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