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To Do Unfinished Finished
Fix logs so they record sign placement. Assigned to AlLnAtuRalX
Remove lightvote server message until it's re enabled Done

These items are on hold until Bukkit is at 100%.

To Do Unfinished Finished
Fix /help menu Still shows all commands to all users
Fix /ml command to list mods X
Give users a warning message when they try to place any banned items. X
Change SimpleProtect to ban placement of signs, doors, etc.
Implement user groups for protection plugin.
Disable health. X
Disallow regular users to /give items to other users X
Implement /clean command. This is broken. I set up a temporary incinerator at /spawn in the meantime. -MBoffin
Implement /tptoggle and /tpoverride. X
Implement ARCTeleport/Compass Privileges for old EA list
Implement /kit to give diamond tools
Remove /tphere command for general users.
Implement /build
Make vanish plugin X
Add lightvote http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/lightvote-for-bukkit.564/
Implement Magic Carpet for Admins and For Mods


To Do Unfinished Finished
Change the MOTD to a more PVE-specific message. Done (halogen1212)
Make death notify PC (i.e. not using him) Done (halogen1212)
Is it be possible to add /warp for mods and admins and then add a modcave warp? Done (squatly)


To Do Unfinished Finished
Remove the "Portals are now enabled" server message. Done (halogen1212)
Fix the spelling of "cactus" (catus) in the custom death message (same for PvE presumably) Done (halogen1212)


To Do Unfinished Finished
TNT Crashes server X

Generic Mod Tools

To Do Unfinished Finished
Give new moderators the full range of tools (stick, etc) on all 3 servers (AlcoJew, OJwasGuilty, travismaybe, LordSalisbury, lpoql) Done (halogen1212)
To Do Unfinished Finished
Add the ability to put a reason in the /kick command, don't know if /ban needs it too or not X
Implement remove warp command X
Add auto-kill crash script X
Fix nerd.nu file list X
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