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To Do Unfinished Finished
Fix logs so they record sign placement. Assigned to AlLnAtuRalX
Fix /help menu
Remove lightvote server message until it's re enabled
Fix /ml command to list mods
Give users a warning message when they try to place any banned items.

These items are on hold until Bukkit is at 100%.

To Do Unfinished Finished
Change SimpleProtect to ban placement of signs, doors, etc.
Implement user groups for protection plugin.
Disable health.
Disallow regular users to /give items to other users
Implement /clean command.
Implement /tptoggle and /tpoverride.
Implement ARCTeleport/Compass Privileges for old EA list
Implement /kit to give diamond tools
Remove /tphere command for general users.
Implement /build
Make vanish plugin
Add lightvote http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/lightvote-for-bukkit.564/
Implement Magic Carpet for Admins and For Mods


To Do Unfinished Finished
Change the MOTD to a more PVE-specific message.
Is it be possible to add /warp for mods and admins and then add a modcave warp?


To Do Unfinished Finished
God mode (infinite HP) for admins X
View/Delete items from players inventory (i.e. if a mod drops diamond tools). X
TNT Crashes server X

Generic Mod Tools

To Do Unfinished Finished
Add the ability to put a reason in the /kick command, don't know if /ban needs it too or not X
Implement remove warp command X
Add RoastNewt to mod privilege list on Survival? X
Add auto-kill crash script X
Fix nerd.nu file list X
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