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Server changes

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A log of all in-game rule and technical changes made to the Reddit Minecraft servers. This is intended to make it easier to keep the entire staff up to date with the servers.

Any of the staff are encouraged to help form in-game changes on Mumble or Mod chat, but the final decisions should be enacted by the head admin team.


21st February

  • PvE: Updated the Staff board to reflect current wiki Staff data.

20th February

  • Creative: Switched to Bukkit. Reset the map.

18th February

  • PvE: added cartograph to run on a regular schedule (http://nerd.nu/pve/map/)
  • Creative, Survival, PvE: fixed usage stats

17th February

13th February

  • SURVIVAL, PVE, CREATIVE: Ban list and mod list syncing across all servers
  • SURVIVAL, PVE: /ml works between servers

6th February

  • PVE: Magic carpet enabled for moderators

5th February

  • PVE: Copied proper lwc.db into /dev/shm/server, re-symlinked ~/server to /dev/shm/server, and backed up the previous Bukkit server in ~/server to a tar.gz in ~/backups, tagged with datestamp.

3rd February

  • PVE: Server showing same strange java instabilities as survival. I'm running jrar on it now to catch all the problems and we can investigate soon.
    • malloc note: Noticed the server would crash immediately after Joe_ would login. We've seen this before with other users, don't believe it's malicious. Resetting the player data for the user fixed the instability.
  • Chaos: This is down, no /dev/shm/server i've copied ~/server_backup to /dev/shm/server and updated the hmod version to get it running. Feel free to correct this as I don't know how old that world map is etc.
    • malloc note: Anything in /dev/shm gets removed on restart since it's in a volatile ramdisk. It has to be recopied over anytime the server is restarted. I haven't done any admin-ing on chaos since the server was moved, and I'm not even sure if I know the login. But my guess would be that the box was simply restarted.

I think it's due to a problem in backup.sh causing the server to delete itself after it backs up. I'm not sure. Commented out the line i think is the issue.

2nd February

  • PVE: Installed Stargate plugin and configured all stargates, approximate coords:
    • North = -2052, 134
    • South = 2161, 19
    • East = -53, -2062
    • West = -49, 2061
    • Spawn = 43, 10
  • PVE: Fixed stargate so it was included in server.properties
  • PVE: Added NPC "Laggy The Trader" at adminosphere trading 1 block lapis for 5 diamonds or 1 lightstone for same.

1st February

  • PVE: Switched over to hey0
  • PVE: Discussion on using a trader NPC mod for lapis and nether materials

31st January

  • GENERAL: Investigation into the non-functional logs
  • SURVIVAL: Removed the PvE city
  • SURVIVAL: New rules enacted, creeper-free & sanctuary for groups of 20+ users. Hostile takeover rule scrapped due to unpopularity and difficulty to work with.
  • SURVIVAL: Protections discussion to be finalised tomorrow.
  • SURVIVAL: Possible removal of login protection in future, giving unfair advantage to those who disconnect in combat.
  • PVE: Some discussion on PvP arenas. Will be technically possible with the switch to hey0 and cuboid.
  • PVE: Decision made to switch over to hey0 from Bukkit. Stability issues with Bukkit, if hey0 is being updated again our old reliable configuration can be used.

30th January

  • CREATIVE: Changed warps.txt to remove fail warps also made it unwritable to the plugin.
  • CREATIVE: Chat pulled from in-game and sent to an IRC channel at #rpubc on irc.freenode.net
  • SURVIVAL: Death messages enabled
  • SURVIVAL: Some discussion on rules: PvE areas & protection.
    • Get rid of hostile takeover rule
    • Leaning towards removal of all PvE areas, in favour of granting creeper & sanctuary protection to groups of 20+ unique users.
    • Discussion of protection merits - rare material protection, and the risk of creating safe areas due to users blocking their doors - unresolved
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