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Authority Moderator
Favorite server PvE
Joined PvE Rev 12

TheNightsKing started playing PvE mid-Rev 12. Originally called Chaguaramas, he changed his name when this was made possible by Mojang during Rev 15. He enjoys building by himself, only joining Ambrosia in Rev 17.



PvE Revision 12

Castle and temple, just outside Riverside.

PvE Revision 13

Walled compound on the road from Spawn towards Pico.

TheNightsKing's house Rev 13.

Desert hills outpost.

TheNightsKing's desert hills outpost Rev 13.

PvE Revision 14

Compound and music disc machine, just north of Port_80.

TheNightsKing's house Rev 14.

Walled desert compound with iron farm, ridiculous sugar cane tower, and every sheep. First use of the name Alcaria.

Alcaria house Rev 14.

PvE Revision 15

Initial survival island.

Alcaria Temple on a mesa plateau. Villager breeder, pet wither. First use of my flag. A long way out from Whiteoak.

Alcaria house Rev 15.

PvE Revision 16

Alcaria House, just south of the Rose City embassy immediately outside of Spawn. Iron farm, statue with wither / dopple killing room inside, WHEAT cyan line station. I don't think anyone found their way into my hidden laboratory.

TheNightsKing's House and statue Rev 16.

Experimental desert station, with integrated long distance road and rail line from Solace via slime farm including suspension bridge.

TheNightsKing's suspension bridge viewed from near the slime farm, Rev 16.

PvE Revision 17

Home in Ambrosia. I built the Ambrosia Arboretum and the ice farm, and the NE Nether Portal DDOS station. I dug lots of railway tunnels with the longest being from Ambrosia to Solace for End Portal access.

Part of Ambrosia Rev 17. TheNightsKing's house on the left, nether garden in the middle, and arboretum on the right.

Neunachtstein castle and railway station. Change of name as "Alcaria" didn't feel right for a snowy extreme hills build.

Neunachtstein, as seen from near the entry ramp.

The Big Bad Baobab was my (size category winning) entry for the Massive Tree category of the Rev 17 Tree Competition.

Massive Acacia.png

I decided to map out the server's rail routes which I kept revising until the rev finished.

Map of the Rev 17 server rails

PvE Revision 18

Stuff in Ambrosia

PvE Revision 19

Stuff in Ambrosia


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