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Bencvt argoth8 spleef uniform.png
Ready for spleef! The Motherland Calls statue is in the background
Authority Moderator
Favorite server PvE
Joined November 2011

bencvt is a PvE noob.




PvE r6

I'm usually not a big fan of pixel art, but anything's better than a 50-block tall wall o' cobble :)

PvE r7

bencvt's house in Argoth Hold, right across from the rail station
  • Stuck with Argoth!
    • Designed and built the large central rail station
    • The Über Wool Farm 2.0, which sadly ended up a ghost of its former self due to the mob-purging plugin
    • Built much of Argoth's extensive metro rail system
    • Engineered the construction of Undergoth
    • Built a really fancy transmutation station about a week before patch 1.2.4 rendered it moot
    • Built the Beanstalk Tower along with evbo08, on the river island just northwest of town. Making a max-height build look decent all the way up is surprisingly difficult...
  • Nagrand, a bunch of World of Warcraft-themed statues

PvE r8

  • Argoth!
    • Dug the Argoth Canal right away to ensure Argoth didn't end up landlocked
    • Founded Argoth State University, building much of the infrastructure. Very impressed by the builds others have done at ASU!
    • Built a couple of Argoth's many XP grinders
    • Built a Minecraft version of the Motherland Calls
    • Planning on making a PvP arena, perhaps specialized for archery?
  • Planning on making a submarine movie at Brom Studios
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