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Stashville 1.png
Entrance to Stashville
Server PvE
Map revision 11
Coordinates -1916, 153, 953
Started April 2013
Mayors shandrew82, 492728, wub_wub_wub79
Residents Sambond009, Grayman, IrashiHeart77, Electric_Bowser, shandrew, jpr, mrpudding, Ancrene, Inner, Maxcusbus, Trollshi, rawrailer, Sasqaucth
"10/10 Would Stash Again!"

Stashville was founded by a group of friends from another vanilla server that intended on creating a cool town that would welcome new members. Coveted by other members of the community, the town occupied a large underground cave system with a big lake in its center.

Mayors distributed clear job tasks between the town members to ensure everyone was busy working on its development, by setting up a Jobs Board at the community area. This area was also connected to the Town Hall, built by Sambond009, the community storage room, enchanting area and shops.

The town's beauty was deeply appreciated, as the messages left by visitors at Stashville's entrance show, such as "This place is one of the most beautiful! Nice Spot" by Vistalgic, "Just stopped by AMAZING place! So beautiful! I will be back later to check on it. I Love It!" by Chaz42, and "Nice Job Stachville!" by jsojl. Alongside these messages, players could also find the Reviewstash Shops selling weekly specials, from tools and food, to redstone dust and clay blocks.


Stashville was close neighbors with Seneca and Glitch Town.

Stashville's Location

Even though it was advertised on the server's subreddit that the entrance to Stashville is located at -1900, 800, near Seneca, these coordinates lead to an empty ravine. It's true location is at -1916, 153, 953.


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