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Spawn PvE rev 11
Spawn from above
Server PvE
Map revision 11
Coordinates -65, 87, 7
Lead buzzie71, schererererer, TheRandomnatrix
Contributors Mrloud15, tompreuss
"The Cryo Bay is now fully automated and will continue to create humans as needed. Unity must succeed."
John Smith, shipboard AI

Spawn is the building/area where players spawn the first time they join the server. It is usually located at the center of the map, and it contains the rules of the server, the spawn nether portal, free food and other treats to help equip freshly joined players before venturing outside.


Spaceship Unity is a landed space-faring vessel on rev 11, composed mostly of iron blocks. Built by buzzie71, schererererer, TheRandomnatrix, Mrloud15, tompreuss, and other members of staff at the time, this vessel served also as the spawn point of Revision 11.

After spawning inside the spaceship, players were invited to follow the green line to exit it. From there, they would be introduced to the general rules of the server, list of commands, information about the map, protection tutorials and the FAQ. After perusing through all this information, players could then choose to jump down and exit the ship, or continue to explore it. The Spaceship Unity had 5 different floors, each one of them following a different color scheme (green, magenta, red, yellow and blue). It also contained the Adventure Lounge, a Virtual Reality Deck, bedrooms for the staff, controls, among many other functionalities and rooms.

Once on land, players could teleport back to the ship through a warp by punching a sign near the landing pool. This area also had free food available on the sides of each cardinal road, and access to the Spawn Rail Station and the Spawn Nether Portal.

Spawn Rail Station

Spawn's Rail Station had connections with Deerside, Seneca, Shady Oaks, Sahrani, Wellspring, Stashville, Zoidberg, Khan, Endor, Nova, the End Portal, Pico, Snowridge, Clark Shores, Riverside, Argoth, Kalmos, Baktun, Rose City, Atlantis, Vinhaven, Port 80, and Kanada.

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