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Server PvE
Map revision 12
Coordinates 610, 1800
Started n/a

Baktun (formally: B'ak'tun) was a mesoamerican-themed city project which focused on builds made mostly out of clay and stone. Originally created during rev10 by ne0codex and shacknasty_Jim, the city was inspired by classic mesoamerican architecture and the designs of other ancient mesopotamian civilizations, hence the name. The city was part of the Hexa Empire, which started in Revision 2 of the PvE map.



Boyofrito, ne0codex, and MedicMiner founded revision 11 Baktun on 5 different biomes: jungle, ocean, swamp, taiga, and extreme hills. The main feature is a massive central temple nearly 150 blocks high. Construction on this leviathan is still ongoing.

Speaknott once again wired the CARTS transportation system, but had quite a few problems with the Southwest redstone glitch. The first connection was to Kanada. xXdriztenXx, speaknott, and spazzikarp all worked together to dig the tunnel, and cresentline laid track alongside speaknott.


How it all started
Server PvE
Map revision 10
Coordinates 1750, -1120
Started n/a
Mayors ne0codex, shacknasty_Jim, speaknott, boyofrito, hotnshot and jamesmcprogger

Baktun during revision 10 was built largely upon desert, but there were several areas that were built in a plains biome. There were two main temples: the Uxmal Temple and the renamed Syrinx Temple. The latter temple was renamed by speaknott upon his entrance to the small town. Speaknott also contributed the CARTS system and, along with Boyofrito, a brand new, much larger storage area with a chest capacity of 100+.

Later on in the revision, JamesMcProgger and Boyofrito (both town mayors) build a third large glass temple in the sky, where one could sacrifice themselves to the encaged Wither named Buster. Ne0codex, speaknott, and shacknasty_Jim all contributed in the construction of a PvP arena, and boyofrito built a medium sized Spleef arena to the north, with speaknott providing the redstone wiring.

A total of 4 withers were spawned and killed; however, only two beacons were ever activated.

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