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Permission Issues

This is for all servers, since permissions are usually easy and quick to fix, they are seperate from the other tables

Server Permissions to change Authorized by/Date Added


To Do Unfinished Finished
Possible to turn off the red text ([mcbans] Player xxxx was banned!) by setting ban_notify: false in mcbans.yml. Need some feedback from head & tech admins before this is done Skuld 13:00, 26 March 2011 (CDT) x


To Do Unfinished Finished
Planned restarts don't always save, resulting in rollbacks.
Fix /spawn to set you facing the RULES board. (Right now you face the ground.) Attempted to fix this - permissions issue Skuld
Fix /help menu Still shows all commands to all users - assigned to wraithguard01
Implement user groups for protection plugin.
Implement Compass Privileges for old EA list
Implement /build
Add lightvote
Implement Magic Carpet for Admins and For Mods
Strip "[WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" from the logs. I have an idea how to handle this. -yetanotherx


To Do Unfinished Finished
The new MCCondom plugin needs to be implemented (the one with a one-line warning). Is this just the new MCBans? Whatever is needed to get that done. X
There are no groups to assign permissions with. (Need Bukkit to implement real permissions.) X
/ml doesn't work. X
Mods can't use /whois X
The mod request plugin does not work. X
The cartograph is not auto-updating. X
The logs are not updating. X
Disable LWC for dispensers. X
Please turn on the MC <-> IRC link for PVE. Set the prefix to just [IRC]. (The channel is already registered on Gamesurge as #RedditMC-P.) X
Need a trading plugin for trading for glowstone and cocoa beans. (Trading ratio is 2 brown wool for each cocoa bean and 3 diamond per glowstone.) X


To Do Unfinished Finished
/ml and /req do not work x
Make an alert for admins and mods of when a user breaks a chest block. x


To Do Unfinished Finished
Give admins full range of powers. Currently have no powers at all. X

Generic Mod Tools

To Do Unfinished Finished
Implement remove warp command X
Add auto-kill crash script X
Fix file list X
Finish updating the Moderation Guidelines Mostly done - Fazaden Needs feedback from other mods/admins.
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