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(PvE: More permissions problems.)
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| Admins can't use /i or /give
| Admins can't use /i or /give
| X
| Spawn moved. Now it's at -32, 72, -49. It used to be at -77, 76, -70. I would change it myself, but despite being the admin, I don't have permission to the /setspawn command.
| X
| X

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To Do Unfinished Finished
Fix logs so they record sign placement. Assigned to AlLnAtuRalX
Add an !irc command to show the #RedditMC on info (just like the !mumble command)
Planned restarts don't always save, resulting in rollbacks.
Fix /spawn to set you facing the RULES board. (Right now you face the ground.) Attempted to fix this - permissions issue Skuld
Fix /help menu Still shows all commands to all users
Change SimpleProtect to ban placement of signs, doors, etc.
Implement user groups for protection plugin.
Implement /clean command. This is broken. I set up a temporary incinerator at /spawn in the meantime. -MBoffin
Implement ARCTeleport/Compass Privileges for old EA list
Implement /kit to give diamond tools
Remove /tphere command for general users.
Implement /build
Add lightvote
Implement Magic Carpet for Admins and For Mods
Strip "[WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" from the logs.


To Do Unfinished Finished
Permissions issue with the new moderators. EeeKitties, Omega_Guardian, and schererererer can't access the chests in the modcave. I made one for them, but adding the "moderators" group and "moderator" group to the regular chests doesn't do anything for them. X
Investigate region permission issues near spawn. Blocks can't be deleted, even with superpickaxe, even though there are no regions defined there. Update: Normal users are unable to break or place blocks in this large vague area; mods can only break blocks using superpickaxe, but at normal speed; admins appear to have fullspeed capabilities. Update 2: The area affected is a rectangular prism from xz: (-67, -84) to (4,-12), from bedrock to sky; affected chunks include at least parts of chunks (0,-1) to (-5,-6) X
Mods don't have access to the /kit mod X
Please add EssentialsEco.jar (found in this .zip) to the plugins. Then please add permission for "" for admins and "" for all users. X
Re-implement working stargates. I highly suggest the plugin Wormhole X-Treme. (I personally like it because it's the most Stargate(tm)-like one, complete with a DHD to activate the gate.) It also has an awesome command "/wormhole compass" which points your compass to the nearest gate. X
Please implement a Minecraft <-> IRC link for PVE. It would be preferable if the channel is located on, since that's where our official general channel is located. The two current IRC plugins for bukkit are CraftIRC and ServerIRC. X
Re-implement NPC Trader plugin to introduce rare/unavailable blocks. Started: Ramblurr is working with halogen on a NPC Merchant plugin for MC public.
/ml now only shows mods online on the PvE server, not c or s X
Mods can't use /check, /warp, or /whois X
Admins can't use /i or /give X
Spawn moved. Now it's at -32, 72, -49. It used to be at -77, 76, -70. I would change it myself, but despite being the admin, I don't have permission to the /setspawn command. X


To Do Unfinished Finished
Add EeeKitties and schererererer to the mod list. X
Give all mods and admins access to modcave chests. X


To Do Unfinished Finished
Give admins full range of powers. Currently have no powers at all. X

Generic Mod Tools

To Do Unfinished Finished
Add the ability to put a reason in the /kick command, don't know if /ban needs it too or not X
Implement remove warp command X
Add auto-kill crash script X
Fix file list X
Finish updating the Moderation Guidelines X
Give AlcoJew access to cuboid (Can't protect etc) on all servers X
Ensure all recent mods on the Staff page are able to post in Mod Chat on Done Skuld 12:10, 4 March 2011 (CST)
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