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* [[player:DjentleGiant|DjentleGiant]]
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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

Latest revision as of 13:11, 31 December 2020

2019-08-18 22.50.34.png

Solace in a nutshell:

"We're not a democracy, we're a socialist anarchist commune" -SirLyle

"Everyone milks the cow themselves, shares it if they want, and isn't following any instructions from a greater authority; so yes, socialist anarchist commune." -saberfysh

"Solace, grab the teets any way you want" -zburdsal


[edit] History

[edit] Rev 13

Solace - Rev 13
2019-08-18 22.52.53.png
Server PvE
Map revision 13
Coordinates 207, -2207

Solace is a city on PvE started in Revision 13 by ghrey303 as a town focused on renewable resources and villager trading. Solace was located at the north nether portal and was most known for its sky high cane tower with villager market below it.

[edit] Rev 14

Whiteoak/Solace - Rev 14
2019-08-18 23.52.10.png
Server PvE
Map revision 14
Coordinates 15, -2514

In PvE r14 Solace joined with Whiteoak and built around the north portal.

[edit] Rev 15

Solace - Rev 15
2019-08-18 23.00.52.png
Server PvE
Map revision 15
Coordinates 969, 729

In PvE r15 Solace split from Whiteoak and built around an End Portal, and inside the End. It's major build this rev was a large Villager market and automated farms located in the End, themed like a moon colony. Solace also worked with the creators of the End grinder to co-locate a large Iron Grinder around the End Grinder. Solace won the award for Most Unique City this rev.

[edit] Rev 16

Solace - Rev 16
2019-08-18 23.14.07.png
Server PvE
Map revision 16
Coordinates -460, -824

In PvE r16 Solace once again built a Villager market in the End along with automated farms. Additionally the 64 pod Iron Grinder that was constructed in the End likely lead to the institution of new Iron Grinder rules on the server.

[edit] Rev 17

Solace - Rev 17
2019-08-18 23.15.59.png
Server PvE
Map revision 17
Coordinates -307, -858

In PvE r17 Solace returned to the End with Villager Markets and automated farms. The new Iron Grinder rules enabled the placement of a fully maxed out grinder beside the automated farms, making the entire area a major stop for people gearing up. In the overworld Solace has gone to efforts to be one of the more connected cities, by connecting to Carbon Lite and building a 64 destination "CARTS" station. Solace won the award for Most Automated City this rev.

[edit] Rev 18

Solace - Rev 18
2019-08-18 23.21.55.png
Server PvE
Map revision 18
Coordinates -2290, -2069

In PvE r18 robr claimed the NW nether portal for Solace located on an island in the NW sea. Additionally Solace partly absorbed the remnants of Whiteoak as it scaled down for the rev.

[edit] Rev 19

Solace - Rev 19
2019-08-18 23.25.11.png
Server PvE
Map revision 19
Coordinates -630, -565

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[edit] Rev 20

Solace - Rev 20
2019-08-18 23.35.50.png
Server PvE
Map revision 20
Coordinates -150, 500


[edit] Rev 21

Solace - Rev 21
2019-08-18 23.32.37.png
Server PvE
Map revision 21
Coordinates 0, -1469


[edit] Rev 22

Solace - Rev 22
Rev 22 - Solace Market.png
Server PvE
Map revision 22
Coordinates -445, 1545

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

[edit] Rev 23

Solace - Rev 23
2019-07-23 00.10.58.png
Server PvE
Map revision 23
Coordinates 2225, -2243

In PvE r23 PlNG claimed the NE portal and was made the lead mayor that rev because the rest of us were too lazy due to his valiant efforts. The town was designed primarily by Bluuefuzzy with a Nordic fishing village theme.

[edit] Rev 24

Solace - Rev 24
2019-08-19 00.21.38.png
Server PvE
Map revision 24
Coordinates -2419, -2774

The NW portal was gifted to Solace by sansapants in exchange for beads & a pair of trousers.

[edit] Rev 25

Solace - Rev 25
Server PvE
Map revision 25
Coordinates 2000, -2000

The NW and NE portals were found by ghrey303. It was decided that Solace should be developed in the NE after learning that the NW region is uninhabitable due to the overpowering stench of updog.

[edit] Rev 26

Solace - Rev 26
Server PvE
Map revision 26
Coordinates 400, -1650

The North portal was found by artixlight. The inspiration for the rev was Ancient Rome/Greece, since it would have been easier to claim that our dilapidated builds were just part of the theme. Penergy has gone through great lengths to decorate the town, thus making that contingency plan moot.

It is also important to note that the efforts of Solace members, namely Oxion_, resulted in a new record for killing the end dragon. It was slain about two hours and fifteen minutes into the rev. According to Melinda, the dragon's widow, "Solace has no chill."

[edit] Members

[edit] Mayors

This section lists the many mayors of Solace, grouped by the Rev in which they were made into mayors.

[edit] Rev 13

[edit] Rev 14

[edit] Rev 15

[edit] Rev 16

[edit] Rev 17

[edit] Rev 18

[edit] Rev 23

[edit] Rev 26

[edit] Rev ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Due to the Great Chicago Fire of '71, records of the mayoral elections of the following players have been lost.

[edit] Notable Players

Players which contributed to Solace and might have achieved mayor status at some point in the history of Solace

[edit] Gallery

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