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"...a brand-new world to build and explore in..."

PvE map revision 11 began on April 6th, 2013, after the release of Minecraft 1.5. It ended on September 27th, 2013 at 6:00PM EDT.



The map is once again a mixture of vanilla (modified with WorldPainter) and terrain control. However, the generation process this time is very different. A circle comprising the center of the map contains the vanilla/WP terrain. The four corners each contain a beautiful and terrifying Terrain Control landscape. Like this, but with Minecraft: A filled green square with a superimposed filled black circle.. WorldPainter was then used to blend and connect the areas. Kind of like Rev 8, there are large coherent bodies of water that flow and interact with the map as a whole in a way that "makes sense."
Ore modifications
The central portion of the map is vanilla distribution. Out in the TC areas there has been some plumping as well as inclusion of certain resources not usually found in the overworld.
Happy trees
There are isolated pockets of alien flora that you likely won't have seen before.

Some more points:

  • None of the map is vanilla, but there are many places that are very similar to vanilla.
  • The center circle of the map features custom built mountains and other landforms. This means thrawn21 placed every ridge and whorl in the land.
  • The four corners feature custom genned landscape. This means thrawn21 determined generally how the land will look, but not the placement of each and every lake and valley.
  • There is mild plumping over all of the map. thrawn21 varied the ore plumped by biome:
    Gold and Lapis
    Extreme Hills
    Iron and Coal
    Iron and Gold
    Redstone and Gold
    Diamonds are not plumped anywhere.
  • Glowstone will be able to be found underground all over the map, with slightly higher frequency in the terrain control land.

The map was created in an experimental way, so it has many "kooky by-products" to be found.

Minecraft 1.5 Features

  • Hoppers are completely allowed, but there are some restrictions (enforced by LWC) on where they can be placed. In particular, you aren't able to place hoppers adjacent to any LWC-locked object (chests, furnaces, etc.) unless you are the owner of said object. This will prevent someone from, for example, placing a hopper next to a chest they don't own and stealing its contents. This will NOT prevent a hopper from being placed next to an unlocked chest, even if the chest is locked later, so be careful!
  • Since they are containers, you are able to LWC-lock hoppers, droppers, and trapped chests. Remember that you can't LWC-lock minecarts with chests, since they are entities.
  • Minecarts with hoppers aren't allowed, as we have no way to prevent them from accessing LWC-locked chests. Minecarts with TNT also aren't allowed, for obvious reasons.
  • Anything else in the 1.5 update will be available in its full glory!

Minecraft 1.6 Features

Crafting recipes implemented on PvE rev 11 after it was upgraded to 1.6.2.

Rev 11 updated to 1.6.2 on August 6, 2013. Many 1.6 features were enabled, and some additional recipes were added (for rev11 only), due to the map having been generated before 1.6.

  • Horses were seeded pseudo-randomly across the map for players to find and tame.
  • Horse accessibility is restricted as wolves and ocelots are; that is, only the tamer of the horse will be able to ride it. To open riding permissions to other players, use /unlock-horse and right-click on the horse, and anyone will be able to ride it. To undo this and restrict riding permissions to only the tamer again, use /lock-horse and right-click on the horse.
  • Crafting recipes for horse armor are implemented (see image).
  • A crafting recipe for saddles is implemented (see image).
  • Riderless tamed horses are invincible (but don't keep them in a pool of lava).
A crafting recipe is implemented for nametags (see image). Names must comply with P chat rules (including but not limited to: no homophobia, racism, or any other form of hate speech), and admins reserve the right to remove or rename any mob that does not.


The official cartograph will be available at http://redditpublic.com/carto/pve/current/index.html within a couple of weeks of the map start.

DIY map before Carto goes online: [1]

4/14 Error

On April 14th, 2013, players logging in were met with a SQL error. This was caused by a full hard drive on one of the servers and subsequently caused a large part of the map to become corrupt. Thankfully, enough backups were made before the server error to allow Ludeman84, LadyCailin, totemo, and several other admins to fully restore builds made prior.

However, on 4/16, the server went down yet again due to problems related to the 4/14 crash. The server underwent several hours of intensive testing by mods before being restored.

Notable creations

Many (but not all) PvE players like to work together on large collaborative projects, often taking the form of cities and towns. Some cities are reincarnations from previous revisions; others are brand-new. Many have their own subreddits as well to aid collaboration.

If your settlement is missing, add it! (Click the e in the upper-left.) Be sure to add it to Category:PvE creations (map revision 11) too.



Most cities have rail stations (complete with CARTS computers), featuring direct underground (sometimes overground) links to other cities, builds of importance, nether/end portals, and to spawn.

Please add the coordinates for the Nether/End portals as you find them!

Nether portals

The Nether can be accessed from spawn's portal under the ship. There are additional pre-built portals that are scattered around the map. The coordinates for these portals can be found below. Players cannot create their own portals.

There are 7 portals. One is at spawn. The four "main" portals are in semi-random locations. Each quadrant of the map has at least one portal placed at a random location. There are two additional portals that could be located anywhere on the map.

Portal Overworld coords Nether coords Notes
Spawn (3,-1) (6,-1) Under the ship
North-West (Secret Portal #1) (-1475,-1800) (-186,-227) Pico
North-West (-353,-1712) (-35,-216) Port Aperture
North-East (+970,-1120) (120,-141) Argoth
South-West (x, y) (x, y) Seneca
South-East (+690, +940) (+93,+106) Vinhaven
South-East (Secret Portal #2) (x, y) (x, y) Endor
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