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Welcome to the reddit public minecraft wiki.

We currently have three servers. Creative, Survival, and Chaos. Please feel free to check them out and have fun!

If you make a creation page, please add it to the List of Creations. Thanks!

Did you know...

This server is awesome ... :P

This wiki has 1,229 articles.

In only the first ten days of the current Creative Server map, the top 1000 users have collectively put in over 11,700 hours of time. That's almost a year and a half of time in just ten days!

Week's featured Project 

Dome3 Cartographer view
Dome3, being the latest installment of the Creative server Dome project.

The digging is done. now it's time to start planning for what to put inside.

Week's featured Creation 

Synagogue Built by cmdrtebok

If you haven't seen it please check it out. And let cmdrtebok know what you think.

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