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Creative Future Planning

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(Lower ground: less bedrock)
(Lower ground)
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==New Ideas==
==New Ideas==
=== Lower ground ===
=== Terrain ===
* Drop the ground level by 20m to give a buildable height of 84m. Bedrock to sky projects would take 2/3 of the time to get to dig out to bedrock.
* Drop the ground level by 20m to give a buildable height of 84m. Bedrock to sky projects would take 2/3 of the time to get to dig out to bedrock.

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With each reset of the server, we find new things to refine about how the server is run. The purpose of this page is to collect together all the ideas and issues that come up during the current Creative map in preparation for the next map.

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New Ideas


  • Drop the ground level by 20m to give a buildable height of 84m. Bedrock to sky projects would take 2/3 of the time to get to dig out to bedrock.
    • I had this idea I think this is a really good one. Another idea is to have different map types in each quadrant. For example we can have flat lands in one, crazy hills pve style in the another etc --Cmdrtebok 13:49, 16 February 2011 (CST)
    • I'd go deeper and drop by 32 (half from sea level), though any drop would be an improvement for most creations. --QuidProQuo 12:11, 17 February 2011 (CST)
  • And oceans. We definitely need at least one big ocean, maybe with few tiny islands in it.
  • 1 layer of bedrock rather than 6. --QuidProQuo 12:11, 17 February 2011 (CST)

Grid warps

  • Have a square grid of preset warps 1000m apart. This would cut down on the number of warps needed on the server for minor creations, but would also ensure a healthy spread of building across the map. Here's how it would work:
  • Suggested Preset Warp Map
    • While I think this is a great idea I think the transit project should take the place of warps, I am weary of setting up too much in advance for the users on the creative map. I think if they want to get out there at first they should build the roads/trains then we set warps. --Cmdrtebok 13:49, 16 February 2011 (CST)
  • Micro-spawn points buildings (podium, park?) of some sort on each of the warp locations.
    • A large protected area around each warp, as to reduce claustrophobia of buildings right around the warp. It's a large map, no harm in having a decent sized area free (50x50, 75x75?)
  • With the simplicity of the warp grid layout, we could have a scale map built, with signs on to indicate major buildings.


  • Though it is not our place to tell volunteer organizations like the CTA HOW to build, encourage them to build early and above-ground (without carving the map into too many small spaces in the process) so that the rail systems become a way to see more of the world in the process of moving around.
    • There has been CTA discussion about this already; at the moment, we intend to build below-ground as above ground tracks are easy to accidentally have their functionality broken by dropped items or players. We intend to build early though, with rails running N S E W in the same line color they do currently. Our intention is for stations every 1/3 or so the distance from spawn, and branch out from there. -Pilot
  • I see no reason the "mini spawnpoints" for the preset warps couldn't be built to also act as entry points to rail stations for CTA. It would make it very easy to connect the railways, you wouldn't have to worry about crossing people's creations, and with 16 preset warp points, each CTA rail station could have its own color. -MBoffin
  • Standards proposal for rail design: CTA Standards

Rules command

  • I propose, if this functionality is possible, to have a rules system like that of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare servers. If someone types /rules the rules will spam on their screen. The staff will be able to type !rules to spam the rules publicly or /rules [username] to spam the rules for a specific user. If possible, we could also have functionality to spam specific rules: !rule 1 to spam the first rule publicly and, /rule 1 [username] to spam it to a specific user. This would also work for banned items and staff similarly. This way we would not need so many bulky signs in spawn, we could have three signs that say: Rules: /rules, banned items: /banned, staff: /staff, and Please read the rules and banned item list.

A proper city around spawn (New New Redditon or other)

Remember revision 10? I hate to do this (tootin' my own horn, as it were) even more, but people built in Redditon because it was regular. One of the main complaints about New Reddit City is that it was more of a sculpture showpiece than a city. I suggest that we make yet another Redditon (a different name if we like) around the spawn (the idea lower on the page is great) so that when people spawn in the little glass dome they're presented with a sprawling city of skyscrapers and stuff.

Oh, also: roads should be three blocks wide. Four-block-wide roads (except main roads) feel way too big for a normal city. Conversely, two-block-wide roads are too small. DemanRisu 06:12, 17 February 2011 (CST)


  • A spawn point similar to the one from map revision #8 (Sept-Oct 2010). Large circular lake of water with a smaller circular island in the centre, enclosed with a glass dome. Trees and large rule boards inside. Glass under water tunnel to lead out of the lake.
    • We may have to temporarily start the map on a whitelist (for an hour or so), under hMod with cuboid in order to build a large lake, island and dome.
  • MBoffin created this on a private server and it would be good to have something similar to indicate Rules and Help:
Suggest Spawn Area


  • We need a post at the top of /r/Minecraft to get users in. The last map started out as a temporary map.
    • Just a thought.. is it going to trigger some sort of bot/anti-spam code if we get all our active r-mcpublic/forum/mumble/irc users to upvote a post in a short amount of time, and is this against Reddit rules? Skuld 14:25, 16 February 2011 (CST)

Suggested Plugins




Current Problems

  • Many things are broken due to outdated Bukkit.
  • Many people complain when they are banned that they didn't know the rules.
    • Is there a way for mods to send an abbreviated list of rules to a player when giving them a warning? 1-and-done warning with a rule list would prevent or alleviate "but I didn't know!" claims in addition to the already proposed re-designed spawn with mega-walls.

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