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(IRC Quotes)
(IRC Quotes)
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  <Eustis> right guys?
  <Eustis> right guys?
  <Eustis> guys?
  <Eustis> guys?
  <cmdrtebok> I require aussies
  <cmdrtebok> I require aussies

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On the north/south divide

<bep> i love it on motorway signs
<bep> when it's actually titled
<bep> "THE WEST"
<bep> or "THE NORTH"
<bep> as if they're scary places Londoners should never go
<Ooer> it says THE SOUTH up here
* Skuld shudders
<bep> "Mum, what's that sign say?"
<Ooer> scary places northerners should never go
<bep> "Nothing, James Huxtable. Eat your cheerios and never venture outside the M25. Savages!."

Unreasonable requests

Ban Appeals

<littlebigsonic1> I was banned for Avo signs and trying to TNT Eustis' Party basement. I was acctually trying to write Avo Sucks but I was banned before I finished the O. And as for the TNT I didnt know the item numbers and I accidentally gave myself TNT and while I was trying to write the sign I placed accidentaly place a TNT block and I tried to destroy it but I must've set it off. Sorry for any damage I caused and thanks for looking at my appeal.
<Skuld> We were trying to ban someone else, but didn't get to finish typing their name and then accidentally hit the enter key when trying to hit backspace.

<mastercheese300> :( i've never griefed a thing NEVER look in the server logs or something i never touched anything that was built. now i'm crying :~( your being mean, i've never griefed. wahh . please be nice. i was wrong for thinking that avo was funny. please, im so sorry for liking them. i was wrong, please i haven't ever griefed and i wont ever grief.please just give me a chance.. im sorry. i wont ever like griefers again , please,please,please,just give me a chance
<Skuld> No.
later that day...
<mastercheese300> i joined the server for the first time then like 5 minutes later i was banned, i rejoined later and asked why i was banned, banned, then i logged in again later, asked why i was banned, banned,reason you know why. what does that mean.??? now im perm banned ,or week or somthing, please help... screw it ill be honest i was associating with the avo people , i suggested a grief last night. i am very sorry i am no longer going to be associating with them i will unsubscribe on youtube to them, please forgive me. Im sorry please don't keep me banned, i love your server, im sorry
<Eustis> No.

<palchakowai> My account was hijacked by someone I naively trusted.
<howdiddlydoo> (standard account responsibility response)
<palchakowai> Alright. That is fair, I just wont be able to play on your server ever again. Cool.
<palchakowai> Or even once, since that bastard got me banned.
<palchakowai> how do i delete this account on this site
<palchakowai> i dont need it anymore
<palchakowai> wow who coded this crap.......................................i cant delet enayhting
<palchakowai> i almost have as many posts as you, "dude".
<palchakowai> shits cool in that sense, but seriosouly, whow hwo jrksjf aS?DFas
<palchakowai> reddit is a zionist plot to fuck the gentile goyim in the ass by decreasing their level of intelligence through memes and hivemind bullshit
<palchakowai> la la la la lala
<palchakowai> omg my compute rmust hav ea virus hwo is doing hits
<palchakowai> stop it it si yytping by itself
<palchakowai> this is nto good

<CaptHyatt> Ok, so here is what happened. The house I "griefed" was my friends, and it was purely out of humor, though some aggression. What happened in RL was that I was told that my friends wouldn't be using my article in our school's newspaper. About 3 months ago, I was in a car wreck that nearly killed me, and after that wreck, I changed how I acted on a daily basis. And I wrote that thought process down and asked if they would use it, and they agreed. Well, two days ago I was told they wouldn't be using it, but instead giving it's space to some stupid kid's game reviews, which took up three pages, all because he was the principal's son. This, of course made me EXTREMELY angry, and I though that the only was I could make myself feel better was wrecking a slight bit of their house. Yes, I know it wasn't exactly the best way to deal with the situation, and that survival on reddit PvP is extremely hard, but I do believe what I did was wrong, and my ban was right... But I just wanted to throw this into consideration and maybe change it.
<Pilot> I stopped reading after the first sentence.

<NightSnake> I was in the survival map, and was banned for speed walking I was no using any hacks other that moving my clock forward an hour to get to my home faster. Please let me back outside this bedrock cage, is worse that death.

<MrPBolton> Zealotry is for fools. Those blocks were unused and would have remained so. You are an actual shit. An actual one. I bet you have hairy toes. Fucking toe gremlin. I hope you get hit by a bus, you hairy gremlin bastard. I shit on you. I shit on your server. I hope Mary and her green kimono rape you. I hope you get tangled in chicken wire and then die. Your server was shit anyway, its got nothing on Minecraftworlds. We are heroes over there. Unlike on this shitty server you wanktards. I think about you fucknuggets, you are a wankstain on society's bedsheets. God save you all you major winnit clumps. No wonder girls think you are a gimp. You'll be alone forever, I hope you're happy with your hand you filthy sweat stained arsehole. YOU ARE DIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTY. Fuck the lot of ye. Lots of love the Bolly. ps. Jamie did nothing
<BHRossman> I am very sorry you let a game get you so worked up, Jamie did what he did and will have to appeal for himself. Have a good day.
<MrPBolton>You are a poo. And you will stay that way. Forever. Make an effort in your next comeback cockslime. Bolly out.

IRC Quotes

<Skuld> world's most awesome base
<trevorman> Eustis: You're coffeebitch now
<Eustis> Well, can I be donut bitch too?
<Delusion> I could use a doughnut bitch.
<Eustis> So I can lie to you about donut prices and steal some of your money and buy some for myself
<Eustis> :>
<Eustis> and get fat
<Eustis> and die forever alone
<Eustis> :'(
<Eustis> but it's okay
<Eustis> because i have donuts
<Eustis> and you can fuck donuts
<Eustis> right guys?
<Eustis> guys?
<cmdrtebok> I require aussies

Youtube wisdom

Reddit is basically the soviet union right now... it is a police state in every form, down to the last word in a chat. this is not what notch intended for Minecraft, Minecraft is supposed to be a freeform, freestyle environment. shame on Reddit for ruining the true meaning of the game. Minecraft isn't even supposed to have rules in the first place anyway, that's why people like it so much. if the redditors want to have a safe, controlled environment, they can go back to WoW.

Economics of mumble clan

  • Think of your base as a farm and mumble base members are the crops, every now and then you can go and harvest your crops, by being closer to them you don't have to walk as far to store whatever they drop. - Sephlol
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